Battle Brothers Perks Guide February 2023 (New Upate)

In Battle Brothers Perks Guide, you lead a small band of Middle Ages mercenaries and must grow your organisation into a powerful army. In addition to gaining experience and stat bonuses as you level up, your characters will also earn “Perk” points that may be used to unlock special powers.

Indeed, these benefits are crucial to assembling a formidable combat machine, so let’s examine some of the greatest ones.

Benefits in Battle Brothers Perks Guide Tier 1

Quick Reflexes: Your attack accuracy will improve by 10% for every attack that misses your target. The benefit is wiped out after being struck. For the sake of resetting the counter for ranged attacks, a scattered shot or striking terrain that blocks the target both count as hits.
The damage threshold for both melee and ranged attacks is lowered by 33% thanks to Crippling Strikes. Some enemies have very large health reserves or are immune to damage.

Battle Brothers Perks Guide September 2022

When struck, a Colossus is less likely to suffer from devastating injuries thanks to a 25% boost in hitpoints. You should know that the bonus limit is subject to change on a regular basis.

Until your next turn, your melee defence, ranged defence, resolve, and initiative will all be increased by 15, and if you escape a lethal blow with a few Hitpoints remaining, you will gain nine lives. Status conditions that deal harm over time (poison, bleed, etc.) have been removed. A random number between 11 and 15 hitpoints will be awarded.

You may bring more of your belongings with you if you free up two more slots for bags and belts. Everything in a bag, other than two-handed weapons, no longer counts towards your Maximum Fatigue cap.

If you want to be a successful pathfinder, you need to know how to handle yourself in rough terrain. Movement costs on all terrains are reduced by a factor of -1 Action Points, down to a minimum of 2 Action Points per tile, and fatigue costs are halved. Although the price of Action has fallen with changing height levels, the price of has remained constant.

In exchange for spending 1 Action Point and 20 Fatigue, you may use the Perk 37 Adrenaline skill to gain an advantage over your opponents in the next round.

If two or more characters are using Perk 37 Adrenaline, the one with the highest Initiative rating will take action first.

The Recover skill, when used, allows you to rest for a round and lower your Fatigue by 50%. (9 Action Points).

In the classroom, battle experience gains will be increased by 20%. You get an additional perk point, however after your character reaches level 11, this enhancement no longer functions. If you’re using the Manhunters origin, you may gain one of your Background Indebted perk points back after you reach level seven Battle Brothers Perks Guide.

Information about the Battle Brothers Perks Tier 2

Damage dealt by the Executioner is increased by 20% if the target has any kind of injury, such as a broken arm.

To strike an unseen target with a ranged weapon, the usual 75% penalty is reduced to 50%. Keep in mind that this only happens if the intended target is sheltered, and it affects the result of a first, separate, hidden roll that determines whether or not the shot hits. To learn more, check out the articles on Combat Mechanics and Hit Chance.

When you dodge an attack, your character’s defence against melee and ranged attacks increases by 15% of your initiative.

Strengthened willpower by 25%. Your mind is fortified. You should know that the bonus limit is subject to change on a regular basis.

When you have the Resilient character trait, negative status effects with a specified duration (like Bleeding or Charmed) only last for 1 round. Goblin Poison is at its weakest point since it is a status effect that weakens over multiple rounds.

Steel Brow: This character is immune to critical head wounds, greatly reducing the likelihood that they may receive a devastating head wound in the future. Note that the boosted damage from Brute or Chop is nullified by Steel Brow.

Shields are the only combat equipment that may be switched out during combat, and doing so is a free action that only costs one Action Point every round thanks to Quick Hands. It’s important to remember that no usage of a shield will allow this benefit to last longer.

Able to immediately advance a level, granting the character additional characteristics with maximum rolls but no talents.

A Guide to the Third-Level Benefits in Battle Brothers

Backstabber increases your hitchance in melee by 2% to 10% while your victim is surrounded and distracted by allies (including your Hounds). It’s important to remember that encircling starts when two friends are near an enemy. For more information on how to fight, check out Hit Chance and Combat Mechanics.

Anticipation: When taking damage from ranged attacks, your defence increases by 1 plus 10% of your Ranged Defense. The bonus must be more than or equal to +10 Ranged Defense.

The passive shield benefit is increased by 25% when you have Shield Expert. The same is true for the defensive bonus offered by the Shieldwall skill. Shield damage taken is reduced by half, down to a minimum of 1. The success rate of the “Knock Back” ability is increased by 15%.

Wearing a helmet and plate armour may lower the penalties to Fatigue and Initiative by 30%.

Unyielding: Your Initiative is always reduced by half of your total accumulated Fatigue, and this reduction is always applied. When determining the turn order for the next round, the “Wait” command is no longer penalised by 25%.

As long as neither player is stunned, rooted, or otherwise disadvantaged, using the “Rotation” talent allows two characters to change places while disregarding the Zone of Control. Using rotation costs 3 AP and 25 FP.

Mobilize the Forces: This action allows you to use the “Rally” skill, which has a cost of 5 Action Points and 25 Fatigue, and may be used to sustain the morale of all surrounding allies while rallying fleeing friends. If the character’s Resolve is high enough, they have a better chance of succeeding while using the talent.

With this talent activated, the target opponent will attack the taunting character instead of a more defenceless target, costing 4 Action Points and 15 Fatigue.

Tier 4 Perks Guide for Battle Brothers

Beating the Mace:

  • Flail Expertise:
  • Mastery of the Hammer:
  • Knowledge of the Axe:
  • Competence with a Cleaver:
  • Fencing Prowess:
  • The Art of Dagger Combat:
  • Competence with a Polearm:
  • Prowess with a Spear:
  • Expertise with Crossbows and Guns:
  • Target Practice:
  • The Art of the Throw:

In-Game Perks and Benefits – Level 5 in Battle Brothers

With every two-handed melee attack, you gain one stack of Reach Advantage, which increases your Melee Defense by 5 until your next turn. One multi-strike attack has the potential to pile on quite a few stacks. When you put down your weapon, you lose all stacks.

Overwhelm: For every attack, successful or unsuccessful, performed against an opponent who acts after you in the current round, you will inflict the ‘Overwhelmed’ status effect, reducing Melee Skill and Ranged Skill by 10% for one round.

When I’m alone myself, I get the most done. Your Melee Skill, Ranged Skill, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, and Resolve will all increase by 15% while no teammates are within three tiles of you.

The defensive malus from being cornered by enemies no longer affects this character, making them a true underdog. If your attacker has the Backstabber perk, you take the standard defensive penalty for being surrounded instead.

To leave a Zone of Control without inviting free attacks, use the “Footwork” talent. It requires three Action Points and twenty Fatigue to perform.

Elite 6 Benefits

Once every turn, you may use Berserk to regain 4 Action Points by killing an opponent. All is possible to regain up to 4 Action Points every attack, but that’s it.

If you strike someone in the head, you’ll also hit them in the head with your next attack. If your hit is successful, the impact will be undone, but a miss will not.

Faster movement is possible with lighter helmets and armour, so concentrate on it. Hitpoint damage absorbed is reduced by up to 60% while wearing body and head armour, but the cumulative penalty to Maximum Fatigue from these items grows exponentially over 15.

The heavier your helmet and armour, the more experience points you will get in Battle Forged. The quantity of armour damage is reduced by a factor equal to 5% of the current combined value of both body and head armour.

Enhanced Benefits of the Seventh Level

Disturbing; scatter and drive them away in terror! As long as the attack does at least 1 point of damage to hitpoints, the target must make a morale check, however the penalty for failing this check is 20% of your Resolve minus 10, rather than a flat -10% and only if the damage is at or above 15 points Battle Brothers Perks Guide.

Any damage dealt with a duelist’s off-hand, whether it be empty or carrying a throwable item, does 25% more damage without regard to defence (such a tossing net). not relevant to two-handed weapons.

If you kill an enemy in one round, your damage for the next two turns will be increased by 25%. does not accumulate, however a second kill will reset the timer. As a result, the antagonist pays greater attention to the protagonist.

Since the timer starts when the benefit is activated, it will expire at the end of the character’s following turn.

The “Indomitable” talent, unlocked by spending 5 AP and 25 Fatigue, reduces damage taken by 50% and makes you immune to being stunned, knocked back, or grabbed for the duration of a round. The character is less likely to distract the enemy.

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