Battle Brothers Perks Guide April 2024 (New Upate)

Battle Brothers Perks Guide challenges you to lead a band of Middle Ages mercenaries into battle as part of an army, amassing experience & stat bonuses as your characters level up. additionally they may earn “Perk” points that allow them to unlock special powers & abilities.

Benefits in Battle Brothers Perks Guide Tier 1

Quick Reflexes: Your attack accuracy will increase by 10% for every missed target attack that doesn’t hit its mark, though any benefits lost when hit will quickly cancel out any possible gains from missing your mark altogether. In ranged attacks, any scattered shot that misses or striking terrain that blocks its target both count as hits in order to reset their counter.
Crippling Strikes help lower damage thresholds of both melee & ranged attacks by 33%, particularly against enemies who possess large health reserves or who seem immune to damage.

Battle Brothers Perks Guide 2024

Colossus armor provides reduced chances of devastating injuries when struck, thanks to an additional 25% bonus in hitpoints. Note: the bonus limit may change on occasion.

Your melee defense, ranged defence, resolve, & initiative have been increased by 15. If you avoid lethal hits by having some hitpoints left when one strikes you will gain nine lives! Status conditions that deal long-term harm (poison, bleeding etc) have also been removed – with random awards of between 11-15 hitpoints awarded instead.

Make more room in your backpack by freeing two additional slots for bags & belts. anything contained inside won’t count towards your Maximum Fatigue cap anymore.

Movement costs on all terrains have been decreased by at least 1 Action Point per tile for movement costs reduction. fatigue costs were cut in half with each height level change while Action prices have remained the same.

Spend one Action Point & 20 Fatigue to use Perk 37 Adrenaline skill & gain an advantage against your opponents during the next round.

If two or more characters use Perk 37 Adrenaline at once, whoever has the highest Initiative rating will take action first.

Utilizing Recover allows for you to rest for one round & decrease Fatigue by 50% (9 Action Points).

Classroom combat experience gains are amplified by 20%. You receive one additional perk point. however once your character reaches level 11 this enhancement ceases. If using Manhunters origin however, one of your Background Indebted perk points could potentially return once level seven has been reached Battle Brothers Perks Guide.

Information about the Battle Brothers Perks Tier 2

Executioner damage increases by 20% when their target has suffered any physical trauma – such as broken arms.

To strike an unseen target with a ranged weapon, the usual 75% penalty can be reduced by 50% if its intended target is covered in shadow. this impacts how it performs during its separate roll that determines whether or not its shot hits its mark. For more information regarding Combat Mechanics & Hit Chance see these articles.

By dodging an attack, your character’s defence against melee & ranged attacks increases by 15% of their initiative.

Strengthened willpower by 25%. Your mind is now reinforced. Please keep in mind that bonus limits may change regularly.

Resilient is a character trait which reduces negative status effects with limited durations (like Bleeding or Charmed ) to one round. Goblin Poison stands out as its effect gradually weakens over multiple rounds, providing it can remain active at such points in time.

Steel Brow: This character can protect themselves against critical head wounds, decreasing their risk. However, any increase in damage from Brute or Chop are offset by Steel Brow’s immunity to them.

Shields are one of the few pieces of combat equipment which may be changed out during battle without incurring extra costs, thanks to Quick Hands.

Instantaneously advance to a higher level & add characteristics with maximum rolls but no talents to their character’s roster.

A Guide to the Third-Level Benefits in Battle Brothers

Backstabber can increase your hitchance in melee by 2-to-10% by surrounding & distracting their victim with allies (including Hounds). Encirclement occurs whenever two friends gather near an enemy. For more information on fighting strategies & techniques visit Hit Chance & Combat Mechanics.

Anticipation: When experiencing ranged attacks, your defence increases by 1 plus 10% of your Ranged Defense score. this bonus must exceed or equal +10 Ranged Defense.

Shield Expert increases passive shield benefits by 25% while simultaneously offering defensive bonuses through Shieldwall skill, such as reduced shield damage taken per hit (down to minimum 1 damage taken), as well as increasing Knock Back success rate by 15%.

Wearing a helmet & plate armour could reduce fatigue & initiative penalties by 30 percent.

Unyielding: Your Initiative will always be reduced by half of your accumulated Fatigue. Furthermore, when determining turn order for subsequent rounds “Wait” commands are no longer penalised by 25% compared with prior rounds.

So long as neither player is stunned, rooted, or otherwise compromised by using “Rotation”, two characters may switch places without worrying about violating Zone of Control restrictions. Rotation costs 3 AP & 25 FP when used.

Mobilize Forces: This action allows you to use the “Rally” skill at a cost of 5 Action Points & 25 Fatigue to use “Rally”, & could potentially help sustain morale among nearby allies while rallying fleeing friends together into one group. If Resolve levels are sufficiently high enough, chances of using talent increase significantly.

With this talent activated, opponents will attempt to attack your taunting character instead of more defenseless targets, incurring four Action Points & 15 Fatigue in losses.

Tier 4 Perks Guide for Battle Brothers

Beating the Mace:

  • Flail Expertise:
  • Mastery of the Hammer:
  • Knowledge of the Axe:
  • Competence with a Cleaver:
  • Fencing Prowess:
  • The Art of Dagger Combat:
  • Competence with a Polearm:
  • Prowess with a Spear:
  • Expertise with Crossbows & Guns:
  • Target Practice:
  • The Art of the Throw:

In-Game Perks & Benefits – Level 5 in Battle Brothers

With every two-handed melee attack, you gain one stack of Reach Advantage that increases Melee Defense by 5, until your next turn. A multi-strike attack may add multiple stacks – just remember when putting down your weapon all stacks will disappear immediately!

Overwhelm: For each successful or unsuccessful attack you make against an opponent acting after you in this round, the “Overwhelmed” status effect will take place, temporarily decreasing their Melee Skill & Ranged Skill by 10% for one round.

As I work alone, my productivity skyrockets. Your Melee Skill, Ranged Skill, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense & Resolve will all increase by 15% when no teammates are within three tiles of you.

These characters no longer suffer the standard defensive penalty when being cornered by enemies. becoming true underdogs. If your attacker possesses the Backstabber perk instead, however, a standard penalty applies instead for being cornered by enemies.

To establish a Zone of Control without inviting free attacks, utilize the Footwork talent. It requires three Action Points & twenty Fatigue to perform.

Elite 6 Benefits

Berserk can help you regain four Action Points on each turn by killing an opponent, though this only works once every turn & cannot increase beyond four Action Points every attack.

If you strike someone in the head, their next strike could hit them right back if your strike hits. successful hits would reduce impact while misses would not.

Reduce hitpoint damage up to 60% while wearing body & head armour. however, their cumulative penalties to Maximum Fatigue increase exponentially after 15.

Heavy helmet & armour will earn more experience points in Battle Forged, with armour damage reduced by an amount equal to 5% of their current combined value – so heavier is better!

Enhanced Benefits of the Seventh Level

Disturbing: Scattered them away in terror! Any attack which does at least one point of damage must trigger a morale check. failing this test incurs 20% less Resolve instead of just 10% & only applies when dealing damage of 15 points or above, according to Battle Brothers Perks Guide.

Any damage done using the duelist’s off-hand, whether empty or with throwable items in it, causes 25% more damage regardless of defence such as tossing nets. not applicable with two-handed weapons.

Killing an enemy in one round increases your damage for two consecutive rounds by 25%. this does not accumulate, however. rather a subsequent kill resets its timer, thus drawing even greater focus from antagonist.

Since a benefit’s timer begins when activated, its expiry will occur at the conclusion of their next turn.

Unlocking the “Indomitable” talent by spending five Action Points (AP) & 25 Fatigue unlocks it & reduces damage taken by 50%, makes you immune to being stunned, knocked back or grabbed during any given round, reduces distraction potential by enemies significantly & makes your character much less likely to distract their forces from fighting in battles with you.

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