New League Champion: All about new LoL champion Nilah, her role

New League Champion: You’re about to hear some major news! Bel’Veth has received enough discussion; hopefully, she will appear in LoL Patch 12.12: All Buffs and Nerfs. It’s time to discuss what or who will happen next. This time, League of Legends’ Bot Lane roster will gain a new member!
We already have some delicious information regarding the new Bot Laner, and the new Void Jungler is about to be released. She goes by the name Nilah, and she will rule the melee! What awaits melee champion Nilah in Bot Lane, where mages and shooters have recently gained ground? You may learn all there is to know about Bot Laner Nilah in this article.

When will Nilah be released?

You might be surprised by how close our next Botlane winner is! A few weeks may pass until Nilah’s release, according to BigBadBear’s sources. In this case, it’s either LoL Patch 12.13 or 12.12. Only 2 to 5 weeks remain!

The rumours regarding her release could be another sign that she will be released soon. She will most likely be given a Star Guardian skin, and who can predict when those will arrive at the rift? 12.12 or 12.13, as you suspected, followed by a significant Star Guardian event and perhaps a Nilah welcoming party? We’re eager to learn more!

New League Champion
New League Champion

What Skills Does Nilah Obtain?

We are excited after a first peek at Nilah’s skills was leaked by BigBadBear. She sounds really sophisticated and provides us a good idea of both her abilities as a melee bot laner and how she will interact with ranged opponents. Just keep in mind that these are all leaks and may change, but they will give us a good idea of her playing style. So let’s get to her Kit right away:

Passive: Iridescent InertiaThe scaling of Nilah’s attack speed at base is very modest (.3), but it rises on hit by a total of 6 stacks. Attack speed that is over the maximum results in more on-hit damage.
Q: Nacre SlashNilah’s following three attacks inflict more damage once she uses an ability, according to her passive. Her third attack deals double the additional damage and has a 50% reduction in cooldown for her Q ability.
Active: Nilah moves a short distance in the direction of her intended target before strengthening her subsequent attack to deal double damage to nearby foes in an expansive arc that is focused on her intended target. Instead, the second attack damages all foes after a brief wait and marks all enemies struck. Depending on how many enemy champions are marked, the damage of the second strike rises.
W: Tide BaubleA water orb is launched in the desired direction by Nilah. It explodes when it strikes an adversary or piece of terrain, inflicting damage and slowing the target, as well as causing a cloud of slowing mist to surround all nearby targets that were also struck by the initial explosion. It has a maximum duration of ten seconds but ends four seconds after the first allied champion enters its bounds. Champions in the mist cannot be automatically attacked by enemies.
E: Reluctant FriendshipNilah extends her whip in the intended direction, attaching herself for up to four seconds to the initial opponent struck. Beyond 1000 units, Tether becomes unstable.
Recast 1: Nilah directs the extension of her whip in the desired direction from the position of the targeted enemy. Nilah is given a second recast if it connects with an additional adversary or piece of terrain, creating a second tether connecting the two targets.
Recast 2: Tap-cast the spell to draw the tethered targets together, damaging and slowing any foes they come across. When two adversaries collide, they are both stunned if they are champions. Nilah will draw herself to the first tied adversary as well when you hold-cast.
Ulti: Promise of the OceanThe target region is covered by an elastic cicular arena that Nilah channels, which lasts for 7 seconds or until she leaves its boundaries. No of the distance, Nilah can attack anything inside the arena. When enemies try to leave the arena, they will be driven back within (can only happen once to each enemy). For the sake of her W and E abilities, the arena’s walls serve as terrain. Nilah obtains an extra movement speed boost and is immune to unit collisions as long as she is inside the arena.

Additionally, according to the source, Nilah will have a 400-yard range, which, as I already mentioned, makes sense given her whip. She won’t be a true melee champion, simply an ADC with a very low range. Her talents sound absolutely wild, though. Her W simply sounds incredibly annoying and will infuriate many people. I don’t see her losing any 1v1 battles if you combine it with her ultimate ability, which keeps the enemies from fleeing. Her E is one of those completely impulsive 200 IQ outplay skills that sounds absolutely stunning and will almost certainly result in some fantastic montage video.

New League Champion sounds incredibly cool to play and watch, and if the release version is even remotely similar to this one, we are in for a great treat. We are unsure if these powers will be present in her final edition. She should be hard to learn because she has a big skill gap, but Aphelios and Zeri could be criticised in the same way, and we already know how broken they were when they came out.

What Do We Know About Nilah Already?

We don’t know a lot about League of Legends’ new Bot Laner, but what we do know is that he is of great quality. On his YouTube channel, BigBadBear posted the Nilah leaks, and there is a lot to get excited about.

The name, to start! It sounds good when you say it, doesn’t it? Although the meaning of the word “Nilah” hasn’t been fully uncovered, it appears that she may be a water monster or, at the very least, reside nearby. A tight association with water does not seem too far-fetched given that “Nilah” is the Arabic name for the flower known as the “water hyacinth”.

We have been dealing with void names for the previous few months, so this is a refreshing change. What about her skills, though? That much is certain. No fights are won by having a nice name. Other than the fact that Nilah will be a melee champion, not much is known about her skills.

New League Champion must figure out a way to deal with the mad snipers on Bot Lane. This can serve as Nilah’s kit’s main objective. Nilah must be able to reduce the distance between herself and the adversary’s ADC. She will be ripped to pieces if not. She may therefore end up being a champion with great mobility. Controlling the gap in the lane will be essential for her if she can only attack at close range.

How Does Nilah Appear?

Finally, we can share some fresh Nilah leaks. In fact, we got a glimpse of the new champion’s appearance. One of BigBadBear’s most recent tweets included a sneak peek of the upcoming champion.

I won’t lie; she does appear rather ill. A Mr. Potato Head of League of Legends champions, New League Champion has a tendency to look like a number of different champions at once. I can absolutely understand why she is getting a Star Guardian skin after taking a look at her; it just seems to suit. Another intriguing possibility is the weapon. Before you discover that it’s a whip, it appears to be a sword, which would imply that she does have some range. She might be a melee champion, yet even a very small amount of range might be present in her autoattacks.

Being a melee bot laner is challenging, so she should be incredibly mobile. Judging by her cybernetic leg, that conclusion doesn’t seem like a big stretch. We’re hoping she’ll arrive on the PBE soon so we can give her a shot. Are you more excited about Nilah now that you have a visual component?

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