Game 7: In an overtime loss, the Maple Leafs were outstanding


The Toronto Maple Leafs led the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 in the third period before losing 4-3 in overtime in Game 6 of their playoff series on Thursday at Amalie Arenas.

With 1:56 remaining in the first extra period, Brayden Point scored to send the game back to Toronto for Game 7. On a tense night, it was a thrilling victory.

With a win, Toronto might have moved to the second round. Instead, it now plays at Scotiabank Arena against the Stanley Cup-reigning champs.

Game 7 Maple Leafs

Morgan Rielly commented on their recent game against the Maple Leafs, “I thought we played really well for 28 minutes and 51 seconds – T.J. Brodie played 28 minutes and 51 seconds, Auston Matthews 28 minutes, 19 seconds and Morgan Rielly 28 minutes and 14 seconds.” Unfortunately for Toronto, they haven’t won a postseason round in 18 years and missed eight shutout opportunities during the first round since 2018.

On Saturday, the victor of this game will advance to face the winner of Florida Panthers versus Washington Capitals in the second round. At present, Florida leads 3-2 with Game 6 set for Sunrise on Friday.

Since 1985, five NHL teams have won back-to-back Stanley Cups; however, none has managed to secure a third championship win. Now the Tampa Bay Lightning have an opportunity to break this trend; however it won’t be easy. The Lightning have been dominant in the league due to players like Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy and Steven Stamkos; however other teams are starting to notice too; for the first time ever all eight Eastern Conference playoff teams finished with at least 100 points during regular season play – Game 7 will feature Maple Leafs hockey action!


Brick Walls on net

On Saturday night, the play of both goaltenders will be crucial in Game 7. Andrei Vasilevskiy had an excellent third period and overtime performance in Game six but has struggled throughout the series. Whichever goaltender performs best in game seven will give their team a significant advantage heading into the finale; Vasilevskiy boasts more experience so expect him to close things out for Toronto. Game 7: Maple Leafs at Blue Jays


The Oilers are 6-4 in game sevens overall, including 3-1 at home. Here’s a rundown of their seven outcomes.

Apr 22, 1984Los Angeles defeated Calgary 7-4
Apr 30, 1986Los Angeles lost to Calgary 3-2
May 31, 1987Los Angeles defeated Philadelphia 3-1
Apr 15, 1989Los Angeles lost to Los Angeles 6-3
Apr 16, 1990Los Angeles defeated Winnipeg 4-1
Apr 16, 1991Los Angeles won 5-4 in OT vs. Calgary
Apr 29, 1997Los Angeles defeated Dallas 4-3 in OT
May 4, 1998Los Angeles defeated Colorado 4-0
Jun 19, 2006Los Angeles lost to Carolina 3-1
May 10, 2017Los Angeles defeated Anaheim 2-1
Apr 18, 1968Los Angeles lost to Minnesota 9-4
Apr 13, 1969Los Angeles defeated Oakland 5-3
Apr 25, 1976Los Angeles lost to Boston 3-0
Apr 15, 1989Los Angeles defeated Edmonton 6-3
May 29, 1993Los Angeles defeated Toronto 5-4
May 9, 2001Los Angeles lost to Colorado 5-1
May 28, 2013Los Angeles defeated San Jose 2-1
Apr 30, 2014Los Angeles defeated San Jose 4-1
May 16, 2014Los Angeles defeated Anaheim 6-2
Jun 1, 2014Los Angeles defeated Chicago 5-4 in OT

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