Do You Have to Burn the Erdtree or not? (Elden Ring)

Do you have to burn the erdtree or not? You’ll have to make certain choices as you progress through specific objectives. It will be a matter of life and death, or the key to undiscovered riches or territories. The decision to burn the Erdtree in Elden Ring rests here.

As part of the main storyline, in order to advance you must destroy the Erdtree. While you are free not to do this, ultimately it remains your choice; Elden Ring Site of Grace provides your only means of reaching regions beyond Erdtree; however destroying it would make all other tasks impossible as their NPC providers would either be dead or unavailable; once completed all side tasks and quests, unlock a feature to delay its start until later on in game’s storyline.

There are a number of repercussions for setting fire to the Erdtree, including transforming Leyndell into the Ashen Capital, killing out a number of non-player characters in the Roundtable Hold, and making certain areas off-limits. It’s better to save fighting Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and Sir Gideon, the All-Knowing, until last, as they’ll be blocking your path beyond the Erdtree.

Reversing the Erdtree’s destruction can be done by bringing about the end of the Age of Order.

That settles the question of whether or not to burn the Erdtree in Elden Ring. If you found this tutorial helpful, you may also like our other guides.

Do you have to burn the erdtree or not?

Can the Erdtree be destroyed if it isn’t needed?

However burning the Erdtree isn’t optional: if you want to advance the story of the game it must happen. Players can postpone this action but doing so would prevent them from finishing the game and ultimately reaching its completion.

Your two options for setting fire to an Erdtree are either doing it yourself, or asking Melina to do it for you both have potential downsides that should be taken into consideration before choosing either option.

After Burning the Erdtree

The player will be taken to the Crumbling Farum Azula once the Erdtree has been destroyed. Given its late-game appearance, this dungeon is exceptionally challenging. After defeating Maliketh, The Black Blade in the Crumbling Farum Azula, you’ll be transported to Leyndell, The Ashen Capital for the last boss fight in Elden Ring.

Before you light the Erdtree, make sure you have these items:

  • Discover more of the Royal Capital area by exploring its sewers.
  • Complete all optional quests.
  • The legendary Spear of Destiny can be purchased in our nation’s capital city.
  • Take up the Bolt of Gransax for an unparalleled weapon.
  • An Rune of Perfect Order can be earned by completing the Corhyn and Goldmask Questline.
  • Completing Dung Eater’s questline.


What happens after burning the Erdtree?

After the destruction of Erdtree, Leyndell becomes Leyndell – Ashen Capital. While most sewer routes have become inaccessible due to blocked access points, its well is still usable for descent into sewers should that become necessary.
Most NPCs in the Roundtable Hold will either vanish or die during future events; with only Roderika and Smith remaining immune. As a result, most quests within this game have currently become inoperable.
Once an Erdtree is destroyed, it becomes the initial permanent game state.

After burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring, what should one do next?

After you’ve burned down the Erdtree, you’ll be sent to Crumbling Farum Azul via teleporter. Tornadoes and dragons in the air are both possibilities here. You must vanquish the final boss of the Malikth area. The main storyline will resume after you defeat the final boss in the Ashen Capital.

What to do before burning the Erdtree

Before setting fire to the Erdtree, make sure you’ve finished all of the optional tasks. Carry out all of the quests that involve random people. If you light the Erdtree on fire, several NPCs will disappear, making it impossible to finish their tasks.

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