South Park Stick of Truth Classes 2024: A Complete Guide

South Park Stick of Truth Classes: As part of our overview, we’ll brief you on the four playable “South Park: The Stick of Truth” character classes. The choice has little bearing on the game’s story, but the class you pick will affect how well or poorly you fare in a number of encounters.

South Park Stick of Truth Classes

The Jew: a Unique class in stick of truth

Definitely exceptional in the world of role-playing games, but still fitting for the quirky South Park world: This class is a mixture of the other classes. The Jew can attack a single opponent or damage a large area with “AoE” (Area of Effect) attacks. In combat, one thing that makes this class stand out is that the less health the character has, the more damage he does.

Stick of Truth’s mage class

This class is made up of a lot of unique skills. “Area of Effect” damage is the key phrase, that is, attacks that hit more than one enemy at once. Make this class a strong fighter on the side, if possible, because magicians can put a lot of status effects on their opponents, which makes them more vulnerable to warrior attacks.

Characters from South Park who are fighters

A fighter in the front line who can hit a single target with a lot of damage. In a fight with more than one enemy, he has a slight disadvantage, but if he has the right partner, that’s not a problem either. Butters helps you in this class because it has healing powers.

Thefts in the South Park Video Game

This class has also learned how to deal with a lot of status effects. Even more than the magician. So you can make your opponent bleed, burn, get sick, or get stunned. So, the damage happens during a fight and is pretty impressive. As a thief, you can also steal your own items.

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