Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring: Where to find them

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring: One of the most interesting weapons in Elden Ring is the Twinblade. Most of the time, these weapons have fast slashing attacks that can hit multiple targets at once.

But these weapons are hard to use because players have to hold them with both hands to get the most out of them. Most of the time, players like to use shields to block enemy attacks, but with twinblades, they can’t do that.

No matter what, Elden Ring has a good selection of twinblades for players to choose from. So, players should know enough about them before they start looking for them.

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring


Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring

This is the simplest version of twinblades that players can use. But it is also one of the best players a team can get. The fact that it is light is one of the best things about this weapon.

This one also has a pretty good reach, so it can be used in a wide range of builds. Lastly, the weapon is good for bleed affinity, which is one of the most powerful things players can do in the game.

Where to find: Obtainable from the Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Gargoyle’s Twinblade

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring

Gargoyle’s Twinblade, the best item on this list, is one of the best weapons for building strength. This weapon is even stronger than Twinned Knight swords and is one of the best in its category for building up status effects. The weapon can be turned into a boss-killing machine by adding frost or bleed affinity.

Where to find: Obtained from Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade version) when defeated.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring: Where to find them

When it comes to twinblades, Eleonora’s Poleblade is without a doubt the best. This weapon is a very popular choice for Dexterity and Arcane builds because it can deal Physical, Fire, and Bleed damage.

The base attack damage of Eleonora’s Poleblade is 72 for both physical and fire damage. It can only be used by people who have 12 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane. Damage scales best with Dexterity, which starts at a grade of D and goes up to a grade of C after seven upgrades. It also has a Strength grade of E and an Arcane grade of D that does not change as it gets better.

Where to find: You can obtained from the Second Church of Marika in the central area of the Altus Plateau.

Godskin Peeler

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring: Where to find them

The Godskin Peeler is a great Dexterity-based twinblade with an awesome Weapon Skill. It really shows how deadly these weapons can be. With a name like “gnarly,” you know it’s going to be a strong force.

With a base Physical attack of 121, the Godskin Peeler is also near the top of the list for twinblades. To use it, you need 17 Strength and 22 Dexterity. So, it scales best with Dexterity, with a base grade of C and a maximum upgrade grade of B.

It also has a base Strength grade of E that goes up to a D at max upgrade. This weapon is clearly geared toward Dexterity, but depending on your build, Arcane may also be worth considering. We’ll see why in a minute.

Where to find: The Godskin Peeler is obtained by the Godskin Apostle boss located in Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau.

Twinned Knight Swords

Best Twinblade Build Elden Ring: Where to find them

Because it can be infused with ashes of war, this versatile twinblade can be built in a number of ways. It has a good balance of stats and can be used to attack quickly like a twinblade.

At 122, the base Physical attack of the Twinned Knight Swords is one of the highest of all twinblades. To use them, you need to have 16 Strength and 18 Dexterity. Overall, a good balance between what is needed and what can be done. In the Standard affinity, they scale best with Strength, with a base grade of D that goes up to C at max upgrade. They start out with a Dexterity grade of E, which goes up to a D at max upgrade.

Where to find: You can find this twinblade at the very northernmost tip of the Altus Plateau. It is on a burning corpse located in the East Windmill Pasture

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