Ark Dimetrodon: Tame, Uses, Foods, Breeding and More


Ark Dimetrodon: The voracious, quick-tempered Dimetrodon Calorector lived in the early Permian epoch. The enormous sail on its back and the massive jack it employs to consume anything it finds are the most distinctive features of this synaptid. You’ll most likely come across these beasts in swampy regions, where they prowl or hide in wait for victims.

In spite of not actively seeking to harm people, when they feel threatened they will inevitably resort to violence. In most cases, these animals are either hunted for their prime meat or kept as a source of insulation to aid in the hatching of eggs.

Ark Dimetrodon
Ark Dimetrodon

Ark Dimetrodon: Overview

Dimetrodons are animals that are tamed for a specific reason, which is to act as natural temperature regulators. This makes them an important pet for most tribes, especially those that breed.

Brave tribespeople go into dangerous swamps to get this valuable creature that can protect them from the harsh weather.Most tribes don’t see why they need these kinds of animals, but the more advanced ones know that they can help people stay safe in dangerous temperatures and make sure eggs hatch properly.

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How to tame the Dimetrodon in ARK?

You can hunt a Dimetrodon in a quite unremarkable fashion by just avoiding it while using a crossbow or bow. Between the two, you decide to turn around and shoot him. Because of how slowly it moves, we can accomplish this. But stay your distance so you don’t get bitten.

To tame him, knock him out, then feed him the kibble or meat from his inventory. Since Dimetrodons regain consciousness at such a rapid rate, using the Anesthetic is your best bet if you want to keep the Dimetrodon down and the Stun value high.

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Ark Dimetrodon: Uses

Egg Incubators

Fertilized eggs have a better chance of survival when kept in close proximity to Dimetrodons due to the temperature regulation they give.

Temperature Control

The Dimetrodon is able to shield its rider from any climate, whether it is a sweltering heat wave or a cold snap.

Ark Dimetrodon: Foods


  1. Regular Kibble

Other Food

  1. Raw Mutton
  2. Cooked Fish Meat
  3. Cooked Lamb Chop
  4. Raw Fish Meat
  5. Raw Prime Meat
  6. Cooked Prime Meat
  7. Raw Prime Fish Meat
  8. Raw meat
  9. Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  10. Cooked Meat

Breeding Dimetrodons in ARK: Survival Evolved

You get the breeding ready like this: With a male and female specimen, you may construct a cage that is just big enough. Lock both dinosaurs in their enclosure and tell them to “wander” from the command menu. You can alternatively skip the menu and go straight to “Pair,” but then you’ll need another player in the immediate area at all times, as the rendering will cause the pairing to stop otherwise. Dimetrodons typically mate every 18 to 48 hours.

Hatch Eggs

A fertilized Dimetrodon egg is the result of a successful mating, and the hatching process begins once you have one. This can be achieved by maintaining a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius inside of an egg incubator, with the surrounding air around 30 to 34 degrees Celsius. The small Dimetrodon hatchling typically emerges after approximately 2.5 hours under normal conditions. After then, it requires your undivided attention for the next 4.5 hours as you replenish its supply of food.

It can start feeding itself once it reaches the juvenile stage. This entire process of ripening takes around a day and a half and a half.

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