Ark Feeding Trough: Range, Usage, Construction and More

Ark Feeding Trough: In ARK Survival Evolved, the Feeding Trough makes it easier to feed nearby tames by letting them eat from a shared trough instead of keeping food in their own inventories. This could reduce the amount of food that goes bad from multiple stacks.

Ark Feeding Trough

Ark Feeding Trough: Usage and Application

Anything that can be fed to a tame can be put in the feeding trough. For Rock Elementals, this includes strange things like stone or sulfur. Tames within its range eat from the trough before eating food from their inventory. Any food can be put in the trough at the same time. For example, berries, meat, and other foods can all be mixed together to feed different types of tames. Tames from tribes that are friends with each other can also eat from a trough.


The Feeding Trough lets tamed animals eat within 11 foundations horizontally (depending on how the map is set up) and 15 walls vertically from where it is placed. As long as they stay in this cube, the tames don’t have to move. Even tame animals that wander through the range area can eat from it. You can tell which tames are close by by looking at the icon of a feeding trough above each tamer’s name. Tames show the icon whether or not the trough(s) they are near actually have food that they can eat. Since patch 311.74 or before, you can use a green circle on the Feeding Trough to show the range.


When food is put in the trough, the time it takes to go bad is multiplied by 4, just like when it is carried by a dinosaur. So, it’s best to keep food in a nearby Preserving Bin or refrigerator and only add to the trough every so often. See Spoilage for more on when food goes bad.

Explain the Construction of Feeding Trough

The Feeding Trough doesn’t need a base to be put in place, so it doesn’t get in the way of natural resources spawning. It doesn’t connect to other things. Feeding troughs can also be put in the water and used to care for marine animals. The trough works through walls and from higher up, so you don’t have to put them in water if you have a base above or next to your water pen. It’s also not necessary for each animal to have its own trough if they are in their own pen.

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  • Before they reach the Juvenile stage, dinosaur babies can’t eat from the trough.
  • If a tamed animal is close to a feeding trough, an icon will show up next to its name.
  • If a feeding trough is not locked, other players can steal from it.
  • The Feeding Trough is treated like a thatch building and can be hurt by anything except ranged attacks that don’t explode.
  • Animals will only eat food from the feeding trough if they would eat it from their own inventory. For example, herbivores won’t eat meat, and carnivores won’t eat berries.


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