Survey Corps Trivia, Qualities, Instruments and Weapons

For the military, the Survey Corps was the primary force in Titan battle, Titan research, human expansion, and outside exploration. They possessed the most capable troops at employing vertical moving tools. Despite their failures, their emblem, the “Wings of Freedom,” came to represent “hope for humanity.” They dreamed of a day when their work might alter the course of history and allow humanity to reclaim its lost glory.

The Survey Corps, after learning the truth about the Titans, shifted its focus to the war against Marley and the outside world. After the conclusion of the Battle between Heaven and Earth, the Yeagerist-controlled Survey Corps was merged with the other military branches to form the United Army.

Survey Corps

Survey Corps Trivia

  • On average, soldiers in the Survey Corps are stronger than those in other branches, and this holds true even for regular soldiers.
  • Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert are just a few of the 22 alums of the 104th Training Corps’ southern division who have joined the Survey Corps.
  • The Survey Corps reportedly conducts an expedition outside the Walls once every month. A total of two years have passed since the 34th voyage; this equates to roughly one expedition every month outside the Walls.
  • The soldiers of the Survey Corps are constantly training and improving their gear while they are not out on an expedition. A soldier’s attendance at meetings is also required, depending on their rank. They may be allowed to go early if there is enough time.
  • Never before have more than two Survey Corps been operational at the same time.

Survey Corps Qualities

It is clear that the Survey Corps’ high fatality and low success rate, as seen by the fact that only 10% of the 104th Training Corps choose to join them, deterred most potential recruits from signing up. [19] As a result, the Survey Corps has always had a hard time recruiting, and its members are known to be among the most selfless people on Earth. In sharp contrast to the Military Police, the Survey Corps is both efficient and honest. Whether at base or in the field, the Survey Corps relies solely on its personnel. As a result, the SurveyCorps is known for its unwavering honesty and its culture of trust. The members of the SurveyCorps always tell the truth and demand the same from others.

Instruments and arms

Every member of the Survey Corps carries a disposable blade and gear for vertical mobility. The soldier’s ability to move in all three dimensions is enabled by the maneuvering equipment. It has scabbards that store additional blades and gas cylinders for propulsion. Each leg has one.

Ultrahard steel, which is both robust and flexible, is used to make the disposable blades. Only industrial cities with powerful enough blast furnaces can produce it. A Titan’s strong skin quickly dulls the “snappable” blades employed against them, necessitating frequent replacement. If a dull blade is used to cut a Titan’s skin, it can be easily snapped off and a new, sharp one snapped in its place.

A soldier has two horses, so one may be used for conventional mobility and the other can be kept as a reserve for long-distance travel. Since the Corps consists of around 300 troops, this means there are 600 horses at their disposal.

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Lessons Learned from Claude Duvalier’s Final Statements:

Soldiers, your situation is dire. In any case, people aren’t so stupid or pitiful that they’ll accept this as inevitable. It is within our power to destroy the Titans. This is a fact that cannot be refuted. To my fellow soldiers: you will perish. I, too, intend to do so. Death, as pointless as it may appear, is what binds us all together […] Till then, we will exist forever. All of our hard-earned wisdom and experience will be passed down through the ages to help make new swords.


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