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Attack on Titan: The Game has more than 10 Million Downloads


Attack on Titan games aren’t uncommon, but they’ve never satisfied enthusiasts. Anime giant has emerged in Call of Duty Vanguard and Dead by Daylight as new cosmetics.

Fans want a game with perfect swinging mechanics that makes them feel like they can beat Titans. Attack on Titan games haven’t met fans’ expectations. One independent developer took control, and it paid off.

What is the Game Attack on Titan?

Swammy’s Attack on Titan game is superior than any officially licenced one before it. The game has over 10 million downloads, and it’s about to receive a boost. Attack on Titan will be converted to Unreal Engine 5.


The developer shared a brief gameplay video of the game’s UE5 build, and it looks stunning. The game’s mechanics, aesthetics, and wide sandbox gameplay make it the game fans have waited for.

Attack on Titan

Swammy’s fiancée urged him to publish a gaming video to TikTok in 2021, according to Kotaku. Swammy added genuine Titans and a multiplayer co-op option after hearing from fans. First- or third-person swinging gives us Spider-Man feelings.

About Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama wrote and drew Attack onTitan. The plot follows Eren Yeager, who wants to annihilate the Titans after they destroy his community and kill his mother. The Series ran in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shnen Magazine from October 2009 to June 2021, with 34 tankbon volumes.


Wit Studio (1–3) and MAPPA developed an anime series (season 4). The first season aired from June to October 2013 and the second from June to June 2017. A 22-episode third season aired in two parts from July to October 2018 and June to July 2019. In December 2020, the last season debuted with 16 episodes. A second, 12-episode segment ran from June to June 2022, and a third will run in 2023.

Attack on Titan is popular and successful. As of December 2019, the manga has over 100 million tankbon copies in print worldwide, making it a best-seller. Kodansha Manga Award, Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and Harvey Award.

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