Keychain Wireless Earbuds JBUDS Mini 2024

Keychain Wireless Earbuds JBUDS Mini 2023: One of the most common problems people face is forgetting important items for daily use. If you like listening to music while moving but often miss your earplugs or earbuds, we have an answer for you. JLab has released new Jbuds Mini earbuds that can be used as a keychain.

Keychain Wireless Earbuds JBUDS Mini 2024

JLab will introduce its new JBuds Mini in 2024, with a charging case that’s 30% smaller than the GO Air POP’s and even smaller than the Apple AirPods’, one of the tiniest and easiest wireless earbud cases to put into a pocket.

Keychain Wireless Earbuds JBUDS Mini

The new JBuds Mini aren’t as inexpensive as the $20 GO Air POP wireless earbuds, but they’re cheaper than most of the competitors (the 2nd generation AirPods cost $179). They still have six hours of battery life, or over 20 hours with the charging case, Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, Google Fast Pair, touch controls for controlling audio or answering calls, and USB-C charging on the case.

The charging case has a cloth loop for attaching it to a keyring, so assuming you always lock your house, your wireless buds will always be with you.

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