Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 Unlock File Free Loader 2024

Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 Unlock File & FRP Unlock File are an efficient and straightforward method for removing pattern, password and pin screen lock from your phone with just one click using the QPST QFil Flash tool. Pattern Lock (Screen Lock) is an integrated data security feature found on all modern Android handsets; it protects phones against unauthorized access. If you forget the pattern lock on your phone, follow these instructions to obtain a complimentary Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 Pattern Password Pin Unlock File as well as QPST Flash tool at no cost.

About Oppo Reno5

Oppo Reno 5 smartphone was recently released and features a 6.40-inch touchscreen display with 1080×2400 pixel resolution and 410 pixels per inch (ppi), as well as an aspect ratio of 20:9. Powered by an impressive octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G CPU, it also offers 8GB RAM memory storage space alongside its powerful 4310mAh battery that runs Android 11 software and offers super VOOC fast charging support.

Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 Unlock File Free Loader Remove Lock QFIL

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Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 Unlock File Free Loader Remove Lock QFIL

Password: officialroms

Oppo Reno 5 Unlock File FRP File.zip
Qualcomm USB Driver

How to Unlock Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159:

  • Download the Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159 RMX1931 Unlock file to your computer and run it to unlock your phone.
  • Then obtain the Qfil application and unpack it.
  • Password to unlock the Oppo Realme FRP files QPST Flash Tool Latest Free Download for (Unlocking Google Gmail Lock)
  • Run Qfil.exe from the tool folder.
  • Take a look at Qfil to unlock the FRP file on your Oppo Realme. To unlock Google Gmail, use the most recent version of QPST Flash Tool. A free tick on flat construction.
  • When you’re done selecting a route, click on BROWSE.
  • Oppo Realme FRP File Unlock Pattern Password (Unlock Google Gmail Lock) with QPST Flash Tool Latest Free Download
  • Make a selection of the programme ‘firehose-fwupdate’.
  • Unlock Google Gmail Lock with QPST Flash Tool Latest Free Oppo Realme FRP File Unlock Pattern Password Load XML file.
  • To load XML, click on Load XML.
  • RawProgram1 and Patch1 XML files should be selected.
  • Shutdown and reconnect your phone.
  • Your PC’s Device Manager may be accessed by opening it.
  • Now The Oppo Reno4 CPH2113 should now be turned off.
  • Switch to EDL Mode on your device.
  • When you notice the Qualcomm QDLOADER 9008 Port on your phone, press and hold the VOL + and Power keys together.
  • The Qfil tool may be returned to
  • For Redmi Note/Microsoft MI FRP porting, choose the MI Account Bypass option.
  • Click on the Select Port tab to bring up the drop-down menu and select the appropriate port.
  • Using the most recent free version of QPST Flash Tool, you may unlock your Oppo Realme FRP file’s pattern password using Partition Manager.
  • Now, choose the Tools tab.
  • Then go ahead and choose Partition Manager OK.
  • Your device’s partition table will take some time to read.
  • All that is left for you to do now is to retrieve your phone’s partition information.
  • Select the USERDATA partition at the bottom.
  • Use the Manage Partition Data command from the context menu of the USERDATA Partition.
  • Select Erase from the menu bar =>> Yes, it will remove your phone’s user data.
  • Once you get the word of success,
  • On the Oppo Reno 5 CPH2159, you will find
  • It’s done.

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