Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Passcode and hello Latest 16.3.2

Are you searching for a professional tool to unlock your device from iCloud? Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 is the ideal solution. This program works on both passcode and hello (passcode with signal full and hello without signal), making it 100% safe and dependable. Compatible with all Mac models including those equipped with M1 or M2 processors, Ramdisk can guarantee secure release of your device from iCloud.

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 boasts an intuitive user interface, making it effortless to use even for non-techies. Crafted by experienced coders, the tool ensures high efficiency and effectiveness when releasing your device from iCloud.

Ustech Ramdisk

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 provides you with the solution to being locked out of your device due to iCloud activation lock. This tool works by releasing the lock, making the device usable again – whether you forgot your iCloud password or purchased a second-hand device with an iCloud activation lock, UstechRamdisk v2.5 is the key that unlocks any device.

Ustech Ramdisk 2.5 Features:

  • Untethered bypass
  • Appstore, iCloud, notifications, iMessages full supported
  • Supported any Mac from Catalina to Ventura (Mackintosh also)
  • No need jailbreak
  • Backup data saves to server also on desktop
  • iOS 14-16.3.1

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Passcode and hello Latest 16.3.2

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Ustech Ramdisk v2.5
Ustech Ramdisk v2.4
Ustech Ramdisk v2.3
Ustech Ramdisk v2.2

How to use Ustech Ramdisk 2.5 ?


  • Connect in dfu mode with good quality cable
  • If device is iOS 15, tick s boot option and click boot.
  • If device is iOS 16, tick iOS 16 option.
  • Then click boot.(wait for It to complete)
  • Then click backup activation.(Device will be erased auto after backup)
  • When device comes in hello screen
  • Connect dfu mode and repeat same process
  • In the end click activate with backup


Connect iPhone/iPad to normal mode
Click prepare activation
Connect dfu mode (if device is iOS 15 don’t tick any option if iOS 16 tick iOS 16
Click boot (wait for it to complete)
Then click activate hello


  • If getting mounting error open 3utools tick retain userdata flash option and
  • flash it then your problem will be solved.
  • If still getting error that means phone is bypassed before.
  • If getting pwnedfu error change cable and connect dfu again.


UstechRamdisk v2.5 is an effective and trustworthy tool that you can rely on to unlock your device from iCloud activation lock. With its user-friendly UI and compatibility with all Macs including M1 and M2, it’s the ideal solution for anyone needing to unlock their device. So if safety, dependability, and efficiency are top priorities then Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 is your perfect pick.

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