When can You Buy The Eras tour movie online?

When can You Buy The Eras tour movie online? Swifties, rejoice! Your wait is finally over: Taylor Swift’s epic “Eras Tour” concert film can now be purchased or rented online, bringing its magic straight into your living room. But before getting lost in all that sparkling confetti and singalongs, here’s everything you need to know about acquiring digital copies of this cinematic experience.

When did the Eras Tour movie go online?

Mark your calendars – Taylor gave her fans a special birthday present by premiering the film on December 13, 2023; you don’t need to attend cinematic shows anymore to join in the celebration from your home! Now is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

When can You Buy The Eras tour movie online
When can You Buy The Eras tour movie online?

Where can I buy or rent the Eras Tour movie online?

You have limited options to select from:

  • Apple TV+: Rent films for $19.89 USD each or purchase it outright for $29.99 USD.
  • Rent Amazon Prime Video for only $19.89 USD monthly or purchase it outright for $29.99 USD.
  • Xfinity: Rent for $19.89 USD or buy outright for $29.99 USD.
  • Other TVOD Platforms: When searching for films to stream or buy, make sure that Vudu, Google Play and Microsoft Store are checked as it may also be available there.

Are there any bonuses for watching online?

Yes! The digital version includes three exclusive bonus songs not found in the theatrical release – giving you even more Taylor for your money (or rental fee).

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What about international availability?

Current online purchase and rental options are only available in the US, Canada & UK; but don’t despair international fans! Soon the film may become available in your region so keep an eye out for official announcements.

Why wait? Grab your popcorn, don your finest outfit, and prepare to relive Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour magic in the comfort of your own home! From memories and singalongs, to pure enjoyment – everything Taylor Swift is right here waiting.

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