Richard Cabral tattoos: A Look at his Tattoos 2024

Richard Cabral tattoos: Richard Cabral, best known for his powerful performances in shows such as “Mayans M.C.” and “American Crime,” is defined not only by the characters he portrays; his body serves as an exhibition space with intricate tattoos telling a fascinating tale of its own.

Richard Cabral has numerous tattoos that are significant to him and his past, featuring prominently as part of his appearance and even in some of his roles. Here’s what we know about them:

Richard Cabral tattoos and their meanings

Mexican gang culture: Some of Cabral tattoos speak to his past affiliation with gangs, such as a crown around his neck. He uses these reminders of where he came from to reflect back upon what lessons have been learned over time.

Richard Cabral tattoos
Richard Cabral tattoos: A Look at his Tattoos 2024

Family and loved ones: Cabral’s tattoos honor his family, depicting portraits of Bella and two uncles he holds dear in life. These designs symbolize his dedication and value of those he holds close.

Richard Cabral tattoos
Richard Cabral tattoos: A Look at his Tattoos 2024

Faith and spirituality: Cabral has expressed his faith through tattoos such as a cross on his chest. He has spoken about finding strength through religion during difficult times.


  • Cabral’s tattoos can be found prominently on his neck, chest and arms – and has not been shy about flaunting them in his acting roles; oftentimes his ink has even been integrated into their respective characters’ backstories!

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Richard Cabral Specific tattoos:

Though not all of Cabral’s tattoos have been publicly identified some of his more visible ones include:

  • A crown on his neck
  • Portraits of his daughter and uncles
  • A cross on his chest
  • Religious symbols
  • Mayan imagery

Final Words

Overall, Richard Cabral tattoos are an intimate reflection of who he is and his life journey, acting as an annual reminder to him and those close to him of what matters.

Tattoos are deeply personal decisions and their interpretation can vary significantly between individuals. Though Cabral has provided insight into his tattoos, it’s wiser to respect his privacy and avoid making assumptions regarding their precise significance.

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