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Nvidia GPUs are Dominating: Latest Steam hardware Survey

Nvidia GPUs: Steam’s hardware survey for August 2022 shows Nvidia still leads the GPU market, though it is slowly being phased out. The GTX 1060 remains popular but is being phased out; RTX 30 series GPUs have gained share; 3060 held 4-5% between May and July and over 6% in August. All three GPUs, 3050, 3060 Ti, and 3070 all experienced improvement due to falling prices which now make updating our older cards affordable.

Nvidia GPUs: Why Is Nvidia Dominating the Market?

The RX 580 is the top-selling AMD GPU, boasting 1.24 percent market share. By comparison, the top-ranked RX 6600 XT barely breaks 1%. Looking ahead, AMD hopes its mid-range RDNA 3 models (opens in new tab) will do better in the long run.
Recently, CPU performance hasn’t seen much of a shift. Intel still leads 2:1, and AMD can be content with this knowing that such market share was once unheard-of a few years ago. Quad and hex core CPUs remain the most common choices; however, quad core ones are seeing some decline in popularity.
AMD and Intel will each unveil new CPU families within the next couple of weeks, providing us with an exciting glimpse into what lies ahead for both companies over the next six months.

Nvidia GPUs

The trend towards Windows 11 is also intriguing, with usage continuing to decrease while ownership rose from 20% to 25%.

Nvidia GPUs: 1080p is the most common monitor resolution, though its share has declined. 1440p share has grown as expected due to higher-resolution laptop displays.
Steam’s hardware survey is not conclusive since not everyone plays games, thus it cannot provide us with a full picture of the market. New CPUs and GPUs will be added to the survey in subsequent months.

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