Best Tank Games available for the PC in 2022

Best Tank Games: World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, War Thunder, and others are the top PC tank games and simulators for multiplayer and CPU combat.
2022’s finest PC tank games? Rolling into combat in a vehicle that weighs as much as ten elephants and can level large buildings with a single shot never gets old, but finding a tank game that delivers in all major aspects may be difficult. We have the greatest free tank games and the largest triple-A armoured division simulators.

The finest tank games make players feel powerful and invincible. Tanks are also associated with intense firefights and claustrophobia. Tank games are terrifying and powerful due to the pain of reloading, the snail’s speed, and the knowledge that you’re the enemy’s top target.

Since the Apple II, the genre has had several greats. Tank games range from hyper-realistic, control-heavy simulators to arcadey, point-and-explode shoot-’em-ups and even anime RPGs.

The best tank games include:

1. War Thunder

Best Tank Games: War Thunder, a free online tank game titan, rewards expert tacticians, statisticians, and detail-oriented players. War Thunder is inaccessible, unlike World of Tanks. There are so many tanks and study fields that you might waste hours on the incorrect one. War Thunder’s advanced armour penetration algorithm necessitates precise shot selection.
War Thunder’s arcade mode introduces players to the game’s main features, but you’re not a veteran until you win a simulator combat. This stripped-down game option limits your perspective, disables aim aids, and greatly slows action. Every battle is tactically terrifying.
War Thunder Ground Battles tips and the finest War Thunder tier 1 tanks are great for beginners. War Thunder is also one of our finest aircraft games.

Play War Thunder for free.

2. Enlisted

Enlisted lets you play as a master tanketeer (yeah, we coined that term) on historic WWII battlefields. Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO recreates numerous major campaigns in evocative detail and contains a lot of tanks to deploy and manage during battles.
The game’s historical realism means that each tank or armoured vehicle accessible every campaign matches those from the actual conflict, so you won’t be surprised by a K2 Black Panther. With each member of your AI squad specialising in a strategy, you may either stay in your steel shell or swap to infantry or aircraft for a fresh viewpoint. Huzzah!

3. World of Tanks

Best Tank Games: World of Tanks is not a serious tank game. This free-to-play giant has fast-paced action with a few realistic components. This is one of the greatest tank games for novice gamers seeking to get into tanking, with enough complexity and growth to keep players engaged far into the final tiers of unlockable tanks.
World of Tanks’ approximately 800 armoured vehicles—from scouts to combat tanks—may be its greatest asset. World of Tanks has vehicles from France, Great Britain, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Soviet Russia, the United States, and China, giving you plenty of variety in your battles.

4. Call of War: World War II

Sometimes you want to go around in a tank and blow up your opponents, and sometimes you want a top-down perspective of the fight and can send tanks where they’re required. Call of War: World War II, a free-to-play MMO grand strategy game, offers that viewpoint.
This game lets you play as a prominent WWII soldier and change history with a big number of other players. As you would expect, Call of War: World War II is played over a long period of time, with you choosing where to spend time and resources, such as research to grow the economy or military reinforcement to become an invincible conqueror. You’ll play it for hours.

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5. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Best Tank Games: Tanks convey strength. You raze structures in metal-encased battlefields. Some games don’t allow that. Valkyria Chronicles 4, for example, makes strength and strategy appealing by leaving you vulnerable if you rush in.
Sega’s tactical RPG puts you in the trench coat of an army commander leading his battalion to combat. In turn-based combat, you use tanks. If you’re savvy, you’ll flank them and blow them up, but if you’re not, a Lancer will destroy your tank.

Valkyria Chronicles 4’s political backdrop is pre-WWI Europe. Its anime-like graphics make it stand out among tank games.

6. Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 released almost nine years after Panzer Corps. The WWII strategy game sequel adds over 1000 units (up from 800 in Panzer Corps) and 60 scenarios to the tank warfare game, in addition to the significant aesthetic update.

With full modding support and a robust scenario builder, you may create your own tank-on-tank battles.

7. Armored Warfare

Best Tank Games: Armored Warfare and World of Tanks are both MMOs, free-to-play, and tank games, but there are important distinctions that make them worth a tank game veteran’s time. Armoured Warfare modernises World of Tanks’ simple gameplay by adding additional equipment, new tanks, and a variety of tank tech.

Armored Warfare also adds PVE, letting you join up with friends to defeat AI adversaries and advance up tank ranks without losing to competent opponents in PVP.

Armored Warfare updated often with new tanks. Boomsticks on wheels are plentiful. One of the greatest tank games and free PC games.

8. Steel Armor: Blaze Of War

What’s better than blowing things up and driving through buildings? Carefully micromanaging its crew and innards to the point that you forget you’re in a tank and think you’re a factory machinist… obviously.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War takes tank games to 1980s Iran-Iraq battlefields. The game’s two tanks are detailed inside and out, delighting tank fans. Steel Armor is a must-play for tank game veterans and war game aficionados who seek a more current environment.

Best Tank Games

9. Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition

Best Tank Games: Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition combines two legendary Panzer games into one Steam release for hours of tank driving and bombing in World War II. Panzer Elite Action is a tank game about surviving great historical wars.
Panzer Elite Action lets you operate four-to-five tanks and smash everything up while hiding behind hedgerows on either the Allied or Axis side in a range of notable wars. While it lacks the realism of Panzer Elite, the necessity to care for your personnel and enhance your equipment makes it intriguing from start to end.

10. Arma 3

Tanking seems enormous because to Arma 3’s 170 kilometres of meticulous military sandbox. Arma 3 now challenges players to continually survey the horizon for fresh dangers instead of upsetting close-quarters confrontations in devastated towns. Buildings and natural cover are few, thus life and success depend on being able to detect and kill the adversary before they see you.

Arma 3 is not a tank game, but its realism brings current tank battle to life. News organisations have confused Battle video realism with Arma 3. Arma 3 excels in aiding ground assaults, hunting enemy tanks, and destroying strongholds. Even without heavy armour, you have one of the greatest sniper games.

11. Steel Division 2

Best Tank Games: Steel Division 2, another strategy game for armchair generals, takes place on the Eastern Front during World War II. In real-time battles over 25 levels and several game modes, you lead the Soviet army against the Nazis.

Maps are battlefields up to 150×100 miles with over 600 unit types you may deploy to win solo, coop, and multiplayer battles with up to ten players per side.

Steel Division 2 prioritises tank command and enemy destruction above resource collecting. This game has 20 generals fighting on a huge area.

12. Battlefield 2042

Most tank games need strategic placement. Battlefield 2042 tanks loathe placement. Tanks in Battlefield 2042 prefer travelling quickly, blowing helicopters out of the sky, and scaring small ground people into hiding behind structures. Battlefield 2042 tanks are absurd.

Battlefield 2042 is about wreaking havoc and sabotaging your other troops’ goals. Tank gameplay at its most powerful lets players become Death on tracks and exchange shells for XP.
Battlefield Portal, the game mode that brings older Battlefield games to Battlefield 2042, is for old-school tank fans.

13. Heroes & Generals

Best Tank Games: Heroes & Generals is a fast-paced combined forces military game with tanks. Heroes & Generals offers resource management and first-person battle with the metagame.

Since tank management in Heroes & Generals is low, the game concentrates on causing destruction. Heroes & Generals’ combined forces provide tank commanders real power on the battlefield, as their decisions may affect their allies on the ground or in the air. Heroes & Generals is one of the top free Steam games for WW2 military gear fans.

14. Red Orchestra 2

This Eastern Front shooter’s mud-and-guts gameplay makes for some of the best tanking moments.

Red Orchestra 2 uses a ballistics and armour penetration system similar to War Thunder, making every tank battle an adrenaline-fueled combat where knowledge and accuracy win. It’s one of the finest PC multiplayer games because opposing anti-tank forces may kill you instantly and in flames.

15. Company of Heroes 2

Best Tank Games: Company of Heroes 2 is a SEGA game involving tactical brilliance and tank usage on the Eastern Front. Company of Heroes 2 requires real-world battlefield tactics to defeat the Axis. Cover, line-of-sight, and suppression are crucial.
Company of Heroes 2 tanks are fun to fire at opposing infantry units and watch them die. Company of Heroes 2 punishes players who recklessly deploy their tanks into battle, like all good tank games.

16. Panzer Corps

Panzer Corps is classic turn-based strategy at its best. You lead 26 brutal Axis wars as a Wehrmacht commander.

Panzer Corps’ goal is on winning, despite fighting for the evil people. Over 800 unit types in 20 unit classes provide both sides unlimited offensive choices. If that’s not confusing enough, each unit’s strengths and weaknesses are rated by 20 characteristics, making it one of the finest strategy games.

Commander, stop training. You now know all the greatest PC tank games and can start your own devastation campaign. We also provide training in the top WW2 games if you want some out-of-tank action. Until next time, keep your eyes on the road, a shell in the barrel, and enjoy gassing up.

Here our list ends on the Best Tank Games on PC in 2022, play these games for free


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