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Lucy Loud: Lucy L. Loud is one of the central characters of The Loud House and the fifth-youngest of Lincoln’s ten sisters. She is the co-president of the Royal Woods Elementary Morticians Club with her buddy Haiku, and she is a gloomy and pessimistic goth girl with an interest in Gothic poetry when she is 8 and 9 years old, respectively.

She may seemingly emerge out of nowhere, which often scares her family and friends. Lucy’s parents, Lynn Loud Sr. and Rita Loud, let her hair grow out because they were unnerved by her blank stares, so it now covers half her face. She may have a gloomy demeanour, but she is actually rather sensitive and dislikes it when others are cruel to her.

Lucy Loud

Lucy Loud: Biography

Lucy, a goth girl with a reputation for being cynical, deadpan, and cryptic, is rarely seen without a stern look on her face. She enjoys reading Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft among other Gothic authors and dabbling in the paranormal. Her siblings, especially Lincoln, are regularly startled by her supernatural ability to suddenly teleport to new locations. Her siblings often joke that she is the “spooky” one. Instead of physically sighing, she will often say, “Sigh,” to communicate her emotion. The fact that no one pays attention to her and views her as odd contributes to her perpetual state of depression (despite their obvious quirks).

Despite her generally dismal disposition, she experiences genuine joy on a number of instances. When she and her sisters find out about Lincoln’s love life, they laugh and giggle in “Heavy Meddle.” In “It’s a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House,” she can be seen gleefully celebrating the money finding with her other siblings, and in “In Tents Debate,” she can be shown smiling (as opposed to her normal smirking) since she has the opportunity to go to “Aloha Beach.” She also demonstrates empathy for Lincoln’s predicaments and is consistently grateful for his generosity.

Even she needs “a break from the gloom,” she says when she’s caught for blocking the toilet with her Princess Pony book in “Sleuth or Consequences.” Despite her gloomy disposition and icy demeanour, she seems to take pleasure in spending time with her siblings and even emerges from her shell on occasion to have fun with them.

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Lucy’s long black hair covers her eyes, and her skin is quite light. She’s tiny and noticeably thinner than Lincoln. Lucy’s outfit consists of black and white pieces: a black dress over a white and black striped top, black shoes, and long striped arm sleeves.

Know More About Lucy L. Loud

Full NameLucy L. Loud
Age:8 (Season 1-TLHM)
9 (Season 5-present)
Voiced byJessica DiCicco
Portrayed byAubin Bradley
First appearanceBathroom Break!!
Other namesSpooky; Eight of Spades

Lucy Loud Good Qualities

  • She stands out as one of the group’s most original members.
  • She’s not the standard gloomy emo girl; in fact, she has a soft side that makes her more than simply a cruel goth.
  • Her early maturity might be endearing.
  • For her young age, she shows remarkable self-control and wisdom. In fact, after Lisa and Lori, she could be considered the third-most-mature Loud sibling.
  • Even though Lucy is only eight years old, she has shockingly in-depth knowledge of the goth subculture.
  • Besides being exceptionally mature for her years, she is also remarkably poetic and literate.
  • Actually, it’s kind of amusing how she likes to suddenly appear out of nowhere and scare people. As an added bonus, there are a few episodes when she’s the one who gets shocked, which is hilarious (such as “Fandom Pains”).
  • In “Head Poet’s Anxiety,” their connection with Luan.
  • Lucy is able to tolerate her annoying roommate Lynn Loud Jr. Lynn occasionally treats her with respect.

Lucy Bad Qualities

  • In other episodes, like “Sleuth or Consequences,” she acts cruelly and is generally unlikeable.
  • Her fascination with death and decay can be unsettling at times.
  • Despite her inherent likeability, she became increasingly self-centered in seasons 4, 5, and the film in an effort to achieve her goals.
  • She persuaded Lincoln into joining her group in “A Grave Mistake” so that she could become the club’s head, and she tried to get rid of Lola in “She’s All Bat” because Lola was taking too much of his attention.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to take her seriously because of her monotone voice. Why she requires a higher-pitched voice, exactly, but in ALHC she had a slightly not-so-monotone voice, and Aubin Bradley was absurd in his acting.
  • For that matter, it was inexcusable that ALHC portrayed her skin tone as peach rather than grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lucy L. Loud?

Lucy L. Loud is one of the central characters of The Loud House and the fifth-youngest of Lincoln’s ten sisters

Who is Lucy Loud voice actor?

American actress Jessica Sonya DiCicco is also known as J.S. She is known for being the voice of characters in animated TV shows and video games.


Lucy Loud
Lucy Loud


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