Charmmy Kitty: Birthday, Family & Friends

Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty’s pet cat. She is a Sanrio character who looks a lot like Hello Kitty but has more cat-like features. She is a white Persian cat who is cute, pretty, spunky, friendly, and has a pink lace bow tied below her left ear. Her name, “Charm,” comes from the fact that she wears Kitty’s jewellery box key around her neck. She was given the key because people say that shiny, sparkly things make her happy. She is also very polite and kind, but sometimes she can be sassy.

Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty Family & Friends

Charmmy also has a friend named Sugar. Sugar is a white Djungarian hamster that her boyfriend Dear Daniel gave to Kitty as a pet. The colour of his fur gave him his name. Because they are best friends, she is often seen with him. She also has a younger sister named Honeycute, who has a bow on each ear.

Know More About Charmy Kitty

Full NameCharmmy Kitty & Charmmy
BirthdayOctober 31st (Halloween)
OwnerHello Kitty

Birthday (Charmmykitty)

Hello Kitty now has her very own charm pig thanks to Papa. Although she doesn’t actually have a birth date, many people consider October 31st (Halloween) to be her “birthday” because that’s when she was first presented to her owner, a day before her actual birthday (which is November 1). In 2004, she made her first appearance alongside the Sugarbunnies.

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