Mahito Powers and Personality: Is Mahito dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Mahito is one of the main bad guys. He is a cursed spirit who is on the same side as Pseudo-Geto. The ultimate goal of his group is to get rid of all people and replace them with cursed spirits.

Along with Sukuna and Suguru Getou, he is a major enemy. Mahito is everything you would expect a curse to be: evil, violent, and thirsty for blood. Since Mahito is a special-grade curse, she takes it up a notch.

Mahito Powers

Mahito: Personality

Mahito is an emotionally manipulative and immature cursed spirit. He considers himself the physical embodiment of humankind’s enmity toward one another and thinks he was spawned from their sins. For this reason, Mah-ito considers the eradication of humanity necessary and the rule of cursed spirits preferable.

Mahito shows no compassion for human life and seems to give little value to his own. For him, saving Sukuna is more essential than his own life. Mahito doesn’t care if he lives to witness the day when cursed spirits win, as long as he does. Mahito, in contrast to his friend Jogo, who is quick to anger and boastful, is more even-keeled and enjoys a lighthearted approach to life. However, they share the same aspirations for the future of their race.

Is Mahito dead in Jujutsu Kaisen manga?

Since cursed spirits cannot be slain, just exorcised, technically speaking Mahito is still alive. Because of this, Yuuji Itadori faces a moral conundrum in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime when he is ordered to execute people whose appearance has been altered by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

The current state of Mahito’s existence is something of a Scrodinger’s cat scenario due to Geto’s unconventional exorcism approach.

Mahito Powers

Mahito is a powerfull enemy character and also having many superpowers and energies. All the powers and abilities of mahito described below:

Added durability

Mahito is almost impossible to kill. Mahito’s cursed skill not only makes regular weapons useless, but even his soul is quite durable. Mahito fought off every blow Nanami landed on his body without showing any sign of suffering. Despite being struck to the core by Yuji and completely overpowered by the combined might of the two jujutsu sorcerers, Mahi-to was able to ride out the storm and unleash a hitherto untapped source of strength.

Overall Skill Level

Mahito is an undocumented cursed spirit of Special Grade status who is more powerful than three of Sukuna’s fingers combined. He lacks Jogo’s experience and starting strength because he is a younger fighter. Despite this, Mahi-to has grown rapidly over the span of only two months, showing that she is significantly stronger than the average Special Grade cursed spirit. He’s exceptionally bright, and he uses a cursed technique that could kill you. Mahi-to has enormous growth potential because he has grown while in the heat of combat on several occasions.

Improved Speed

Additionally, Mahito is a very fast creature. During his encounter with Nanami, he used Idle Transfiguration to quickly bypass her defences. Because of how quickly he was able to outrun Yuji and assault Todo, he was forced to channel his cursed energy into a single direction.

Improved Strength

Mahito is incredibly powerful in body and mind. In their second bout, he severely beaten Yuji Itadori to the point where he coughed up blood. He had split his body in two to form a doppelganger, but he still managed to land a punch on Yuji so hard (increased by Idle Transfiguration) that it caused bleeding in the forehead. Mahi-to said he could have fractured Yuji’s skull if he had placed more of his weight behind the blow. He was powerful enough to hold down Nanami and destroy a large number of Mechamarus. Mahito’s strikes are so devastating when augmented with Black Flash that they even made Aoi Todo cough up blood when the latter focused all of his cursed energy.

Improved Reflexes

When it comes to reflexes, Mahito is second to none. He had the reflexes and timing to counter Yuji and Todo’s blows. Mahito was so dedicated to the Boogie Woogie that she even kept up with Todo. He single-handedly battled Yuji and Nanami, all the while dodging and deflecting their attacks with lightning quick speed.

High Intellect

Even for a cursed spirit, Mahito’s intelligence is exceptionally great. After determining correctly that jujutsu sorcerers were looking into him, he was able to lure them into a trap. In addition to gauging his opponent’s degree of ability and even their cursed technique, Mahito can do so after only a few exchanges. It was via his friendship with Sukuna that he was able to precisely use this power against Nanami, and later to learn that Yuji possessed the capacity to sense souls. And he had defences ready against Todo’s Boogie Woogie long before Hanami did. He is also quite skilled at using a wide range of strategies to outwit his rivals. Mahito is a key strategist for his group, often working in tandem with Pseudo-Geto.

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Will Mahito live through this?

Using cursed energy against a cursed spirit is the standard method of exorcism in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Cursed Spirit Manipulation, the method used by former special-grade sorcerer turned curse user Suguru Geto, is unique among jujutsu sorcerers. It may subjugate and digest the evil spirit, absorbing its strength and eradicating it forever.


Mahito may be shallow and impulsive like a child, but as Nanami points out, he is a devastating curse. That much more so if they have a personality like Satoru Gojou’s.

Mahito’s relationship with Itadori mirrors that of Gojou and Sukuna, in which both were presented as equal opponents from the start of the series. Now that Itadori has lost several close friends and family members to Mahito, he is even more determined to see the evil brought to justice.
Even if Mahito were to be eliminated from Jujutsu Kaisen at this stage in the story, his absence would not have much of an impact on the plot. Mahito’s development paralleled and enhanced Itadori’s.

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