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Arma 4: Arma 3 boasts an impressive selection of 14 DLC addons (with two more on the way), adding dozens of precisely simulated tanks, planes, helicopters, trucks, autos, artillery pieces and battlefield equipment to the core infantry squad action. Furthermore, Arma 3 boasts an extensive mod library which could potentially add hundreds of hours to gameplay experience.

Release date for Arma 4

Arma 4 is yet unannounced. Bohemia Interactive has yet to make any official statement regarding when or even if development will commence on this project; all indication point towards another year or two of waiting.

Arma 4

Arma 3 marked an enormous leap forward for the series with almost twice as many copies sold on Steam than Arma 2 did and set up 14 DLC expansions – the latest being Contact in 2019.

The Arma 4 Trailer

Sorry if we raised your expectations but there are currently no Arma 4 trailers accessible to watch online. Bohemia may release a teaser trailer, and we’ll share it here when it does.

Leaks and rumors in Arma 4

Given how long Arma 3 has been around – and especially in the time between the last full-scale official DLC in 2019 and the release of the impending, Vietnam-focused S.O.G. Prairie Fire Creator DLC this month – fans have been on the lookout for clues that Bohemia might be working on a sequel.

However they have had little to chew on thus far. On April 2021, @biostiel shared some leaked game screenshots with a logo reading “Arma Reforger” on Twitter which some community members (at least on the Arma subreddit) mistook for information from an insider at Bohemia Interactive about their current projects.

Whether they were genuine insiders or not, @biostiel’s tweets quickly amended their claims, stating that the game seen in the purportedly leaked photographs was not Arma 4, but rather an unidentified, smaller-scale, multiplayer-only shooter project (which we haven’t seen since).


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