Arma 4: Release Date, Trailer, and more

Arma 4: Arma 3 currently has a huge roster of 14 DLC addons (with two more on the way) that add dozens of precisely simulated tanks, planes, helicopters, trucks, autos, artillery, and battlefield equipment to the core infantry squad action. If that wasn’t enough, Arma 3 also has a massive mod library that may add hundreds of hours to the game’s gameplay.

Release date for Arma 4

Unfortunately, a confirmed release date for Arma 4 is still a long way off. The game’s developer, Bohemia Interactive, has made no official comments regarding when Arma 4 will be launched — or even if it’s in development at all. All indications suggest we’ll have to wait another year or two.

Arma 4

Sure, we only had to wait four years between Arma 2 and Arma 3, but it was a unique circumstance. circumstance. Arma 3 was a big step forward for the series. It sold almost twice as many copies on Steam as Arma 2 and set the stage for 14 DLC expansions, the latest of which, Contact, came out in 2019.

The Arma 4 Trailer

Sorry if we raised your expectations, but there are currently no Arma 4 trailers accessible to watch online. When the time comes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bohemia released a teaser trailer, and rest assured, we’ll post it here as soon as it becomes available.

Leaks and rumors in Arma 4

Given how long Arma 3 has been around – and especially in the time between the last full-scale official DLC in 2019 and the release of the impending, Vietnam-focused S.O.G. Prairie Fire Creator DLC this month – fans have been on the lookout for clues that Bohemia might be working on a sequel.

However, there has been very little for them to chew on so far. Things seemed to heat up a little in January 2021, when a user named @biostiel shared some apparently leaked game screenshots with a logo that read “Arma Reforger” on Twitter, which some community members (at least on the Arma subreddit) mistook for a genuine Bohemia Interactive insider with privileged information about their current projects.

Whether they were genuine insiders or not, @biostiel’s tweets quickly amended their claims, stating that the game seen in the purportedly leaked photographs was not Arma 4, but rather an unidentified, smaller-scale, multiplayer-only shooter project (which we haven’t seen since).


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