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Enlisted gameplay: The video game is the subject of this article. See Enlisted for the unrelated American sitcom (TV series). See enlisted rank for the word used to describe non-commissioned military personnel.

Enlisted is a free squad-based (MMO) first-person shooter game developed by Darkflow Software and distributed by Gaijin Entertainment. It is based on significant World War II battles. It was a timed platform exclusive and Xbox One S launch title. The closed beta for PlayStation 5 began on March 2, 2021. The game was released as an open beta test for PC on April 8, 2021.

Enlisted gameplay

Platformer: Enlisted Gameplay

Enlisted is a squad based game where players take control of either an infantry squad or vehicle crew. You have three to nine soldiers representing different classes representing real division from their country military such as the 1st Infantry Division equipped with class specific weapons such as rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, mortar and anti tank weapon or flamethrower. Alternatively you can control either tank or fighter aircraft crew with at least one equipped for use in the menu system.

Players in Squad Commander 2 can take control of any one of their squad’s soldiers by issuing commands to switch between AI soldiers. From the main menu, gamers can manage their squads, soldiers and armaments; equip and upgrade their units; purchase and equip soldiers and weapons; switch between game modes and campaigns; as well as manage various other aspects of the game.

Enlisted Gameplay: Matchmaking Alternatives

Squads — Players spawn with their whole squad in the default matchmaking.

Lone Fighters — Players no longer spawn with their squads, but they can choose which individual troops from their squads to spawn as. If a soldier is killed, they will be unavailable for the remainder of the match; spawn numbers will be boosted to compensate. In this mode, the majority of the UI is hidden. Unlocked at the third campaign level.

Playing modes

Conquest: Each side competes for control of three control points on a map (five in the “Battle of Berlin”). A colored bar represents each team, and it depletes as long as the enemy team controls two or more points. When one team’s bar reaches zero, the game is over.

Invasion: One side tries to take five control points on a large map, while the other tries to protect each one. Each point is played one at a time, and if the defenders lose a point, they must go on to the next. Attackers are only allowed 1000 tickets (including AI soldiers).

On some maps, extra tickets can be gained by seizing control points or shooting down barrage balloons. When the attackers run out of tickets or the defenders lose all of their control points, the game is over.

Assault: One team is tasked with defending a succession of control points from the opposing team. To advance, however, two points must be acquired at once, and the points can be taken by either team, allowing the defending team to stall or push back the adversary.

Destroy: One team must protect a sequence of control points held by the opposing team. Instead of capturing conventional control points, the attacking team must sabotage the opponent by planting explosives at each one. The attackers must safeguard their explosives once they have been set because the opposition can remove them.

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Microsoft announced at E3 2018 that the game would be launched on Xbox and would be included in the Xbox Game Preview for that year. The first public play test took place in April 2020 on the PC, and Microsoft confirmed in October that Enlisted would be a timed console exclusive and part of the Xbox Series X/S launch lineup. The closed beta for PlayStation 5 began on March 2, 2021.

The game PC release has been confirmed by Nvidia. The game was released as an open beta test for PC on 8 April 2021. Enlisted was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 4 October 2021 but only includes the Moscow, Normandy and Tunisia campaigns.


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