Modern Axe in the Forest: How to find complete Process

Modern Axe in the Forest: This game’s best axe, the Forest Modern Axe is hard to come by but highly sought after by players. Though desirable, its acquisition remains challenging.

One important point must be made clear. While the Modern Axe can be obtained nearly instantly when starting a new game, its use must still occur during gameplay which means without sufficient starting equipment you may find it hard to acquire this tool.

Find a Modern Axe in the Forest: Where to Find

The Modern Axe can be found in Cave 2: Hanging Cave Hidden Stash Room; however getting there may prove more challenging due to a large population of cannibals there. If you have already died in game, this cave may have been where your remains were taken after each death so keep an eye out.

Modern Axe in the Forest

Lakeside Village serves as an entryway into Lakeside Cave. Head northeast from here until you find its entrance; an effigy of skulls stands by it to help locate it quickly and easily.

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Once inside, descend the rope. Follow the path straight until another rope appears for you to lower yourself with, until reaching a room containing two cannibals and a pool of water – simply continue moving forward in that direction!

Deal with the cannibals quickly, then head leftward towards the skull light where you will be led down a rope that leads you directly to a drop-off point. Continue heading in this direction until you come upon a chamber containing various items – the Modern Axe will sit atop its own box at the far end of this room.


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