Modern Axe in the Forest: How to find complete Process

Modern Axe in the Forest: The Forest Modern Axe is the best axe in this game, even if there are many other axes to choose from. It’s one of the most sought-after goods in the game, but it’s also one of the most difficult to acquire.

Now, one thing must be made quite plain. The Modern Axe can be obtained almost immediately in a new game, although it is still meant to be utilized in the middle of the game. This means that without the necessary starting equipment, you’ll likely have a difficult time acquiring this tool.

Find a Modern Axe in the Forest: Where to Find

The Modern Axe may be found in the Hidden Stash Room of Cave 2: Hanging Cave. There are a lot of cannibals there, so getting there won’t be simple. If you’ve already been killed in the game, you might recognize this cave as the one to which you’re taken after your first death.

Modern Axe in the Forest

Lakeside Village is the starting point for the cave’s journey. From the settlement, head northeast until you come across the cave’s entrance. An effigy of skulls stands near this entrance, making it easy to find.

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Once you’ve reached the cave’s inside, descend the rope. Follow the path straight until you discover another rope to lower yourself. To get to a room with two cannibals and a pool of water, just keep moving in the same direction.

Deal with the cannibals as swiftly as possible, and then proceed to the skull light on the left side, where a rope will lead you to a drop. If you keep going in the same direction, you’ll come across a chamber with a few items. The Modern Axe sits on top of a box at the very end of the room.


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