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Sons of The Forest: Release Date, System Requirements and More


Sons Of The Forest: If you enjoy survival-themed games, chances are you have come across The Forest by Endnight Games in 2014. Since it released the game in 2014, its popularity has skyrocketed for various reasons.

Sons of the Forest was initially revealed late 2019 and has generated considerable anticipation ever since. Since then, players worldwide have speculated when and what features might make their debut appearance in Sons of the Forest.

Recently released trailers have provided us with much new information regarding Sons of the Forest and we can’t wait for its release date! Until then, all information available remains limited at best.


About this game

The authors of “The Forest” have created an extraordinary journey. While searching for an absent billionaire on an isolated island, you find yourself plunged into an open world survival horror simulator featuring cannibalism infected hellscape. Solo or co-op play modes offer exciting survival horror simulator experiences where players must build, expand and protect themselves to remain alive – whilst doing their best not to starve!

Sons of The Forest
Sons of The Forest

Survival horror simulator

In a survival horror simulator, you have the freedom to view the world however you like. You decide for yourself what to do, where to go, and how to survive. No NPCs will give you missions or instructions that you don’t wish to follow. You decide what to do and provide the orders.


Demons in arms

Survival horror simulators give players the freedom to navigate the world however they wish, choosing for themselves what actions, routes and decisions to take in order to survive in this hostile world. No NPC will give out missions or instructions which might conflict with what’s important to you; only you decide what should happen and provide orders!

Making and constructing

Keep safety a priority; never break sticks to start fires; window and floor may both need to be taken apart with an axe in order to build either a small cabin or beach front estate.

Seasonal Variation

Catch fresh salmon directly from the stream in the spring and summer. Collect and preserve meat for the chilly winter months. You won’t be the only person searching for food as winter approaches and supplies grow scarce because you are not the only person on this island.


Co-operative gaming

Living alone or with others allows you to build defences, coordinate effort and cooperate. Bring help when exploring above and below ground.

Sons of the Forest’s Release Date

Sons of the Forest will launch in October 2022 as scheduled by Endnight Games, who announced an earlier target date was too ambitious.

Sons of the Forest’s platforms

Sons of the Forest will initially only be available on PC and no official confirmation yet on whether it will also come out for consoles such as PS4. Previous games in this series had released on PS4, though currently, no evidence exists to back such speculation about Sons of the Forest on consoles.

Sons of the Forest trailer

The first Sons of the Forest teaser was made available during the 2019 The Game Awards. There was a lot of expectation because of the teaser gloomy and terrible tone but little was known about the game itself.

Sons of the Forest video game.

Sons of the Forest has yet to showcase much gameplay footage however its second trailer released in December 2020 did provide us with more in depth action including combat and exploration in addition modern buildings may play a pivotal role in its story.

System Requirements

Memory: 4 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
CPU: Intel Core i3-2120
File Size: 15 GB
OS: Windows 7
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460
File Size: 15 GB
OS: Windows 10


At this point we have all of the details regarding Sons of the Forest release date and other pertinent detail. Given its predecessor and what can be seen from trailers, Sons of the Forest is sure to become an immense success we can’t wait for our chance to experience its depth and survive its new sandbox environment.

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