Hollyberry Cookie Toppings 2024: Cookie Run Kingdom

Hollyberry Cookie Toppings: The “tank” team composition meta was created immediately after Cookie Run: Kingdom was released, thanks to the introduction of powerful defense cookies. A defense cookie is used to push the adversary back while the characters in the mid and rear positions deal with the damage.

Hollyberry Cookie is an Ancient Rarity character who is often regarded as the game’s strongest defender. In this post, we’ll look at how different toppings can help gamers get even more out of their holberry cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The Story of Hollyberry Cookie Toppings

What else but the reddest hollyberries, ripened in the fiercest summer heat, could elicit such a passionate response? According to Hollyberry Cookie, every friendship, like every victory, should be triumphant. After all, there’s nothing more difficult than trust! Not even the everlasting Hollyberry Shield, which she swore would keep her loved ones safe.

Not Too BAD! Hollyberry Cookie Topping Guide & Review! | Cookie Run Kingdom

Hey guys! The topping guide and review of Hollyberry Cookie for Cookie Run Kingdom that you guys have been waiting for is here! There were not-so-good reviews about Hollyberry, and I also said it myself that she is a very expensive cookie. However, if you build her correctly she is not a bad cookie at all, just very expensive.

The most inspiring sight is supposed to be Hollyberry Cookie leading an assault onto the battlefield. A perspective that drives you to reward those who have placed their trust in you with trust.

Hollyberry Cookie Toppings build for toppings;

  • X5 Solid Almond Topping(Recommended)
  • X3 Swift Choco + X2 Solid Almond OR X3 Solid Almond + X2 Swift Chocolate 
  • X5 Swift Choco

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the best Hollyberry Cookie Toppings build set would be X5 Solid Almond Toppings with cd SUBSTATS, which adds higher DMG resistance to the frontline Hollyberry cookie and a small CD boost from sub-stats. X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X2 CD/Swift Choco; X-3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X2 CD/Swift Choco; X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X3 DMG Resist Both of the builds are excellent.

Hollyberry cookie toppings

The X5 Solid Almond topping build set with CD Sub-stats is recommended.

Skill: Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Build

Hollyberry Cookie surges forward and transforms into a shield for all of her Cookie-friendly units, or friends, absorbing a part of the DMG they take, except continuous and indirect DMG. Hollyberry Cookie grows more immune to disrupting effects while utilising her talent. The “DMG Focus” benefit from Hollyberry Cookie does not apply to indirect DMG (such as reflected DMG or linked).

  • CD with a base of X18 seconds
  • 185.5 percent DMG for a single hit (+2.53% DMG per level)
  • DMG Focus: 20.0 percent of allies’ DMG for 9.0 seconds


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