How to defeat the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload

How to defeat the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload: Get ready for your first major challenge in Persona 3 Reload: the Priestess boss fight! This battle is all about defeating her before time runs out, but here’s the twist: she speeds things up as the fight goes on! Don’t worry, though, with a little preparation, you can overcome this icy adversary.

You’ll find various tips in this post on how to beat the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload.

How to defeat the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload

The Priestess awaits on the speeding monorail, ready to test your Persona skills. But fear not! This guide will equip you to take down this frosty foe.

How to defeat the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload

Prep Like a Pro:

  • Persona Powerhouse: Choose Personas with strong fire, electric, or physical attacks. Think Orpheus Telos, Pixie, or Oberon.
  • Buff Up: Boost your party’s offense and defense with Rakukaja and Sukukaja. Focus on Makoto and Junpei for max damage.
  • Healing Haven: Make sure Yukari has Dia and Media for healing, plus Dis-Freeze to cure Ice Storm.
  • Time is Money: The timer shrinks as the fight progresses, leaving you around 8 minutes. Be efficient!

The Battle Heats Up:

  • Go on the Offensive: Unleash your strongest non-ice attacks on the Priestess.
  • Tiara Trouble: Watch out! The Priestess summons Despairing Tiaras, resistant to physical attacks. Take them down fast to keep dealing damage.
  • Time Crunch, No Panic: The Priestess speeds up the train twice. Stay focused and keep attacking.
  • Steady Wins the Race: The Priestess reflects ice and has no weaknesses. Focus on consistent damage, not risky moves.
  • Support System: Yukari is your healer and backup attacker. Use Dis-Freeze on anyone hit by Ice Storm.
  • Break the Cycle: The Priestess mainly uses Summon and Invitation to Chaos. Keep attacking to force her into this pattern and avoid stronger attacks.


  • No ice attacks! They’ll bounce right back.
  • Time is limited, so be strategic.
  • Focus on steady damage and healing.
  • With the right preparation and tactics, you’ll overcome the icy challenge and claim victory!

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