Reverse 1999 Tier List (May 2024) New Update

Do you wish to advance with only the finest characters in Reverse 1999? Our Reverse 1999 Tier List 2024 can assist with this goal as we have listed and ranked all characters available within it.

Reverse 1999 features many characters, so our Tier List can assist in selecting those most applicable to your gameplay style. Here we present rankings for each character from Reverse 1999. These characters generally fall into three groups, including Damages Dealers, Support, and Survival.

Reverse 1999 Tier List New Update 2024

Here we present rankings for each character from Reverse 1999. Its characters fall mainly into three categories – Damage Dealer, Support and Survival.

Reverse 1999 Tier List

Tier A Characters

Tier characters offer great choices in-game.

MondlichtDamage DealerTier A
PaviaDamage DealerTier A
AppleSurvivalTier A

Tier B Characters

Reverse 1999 Tier B characters do not fare particularly well in the game.

RabiesDamage DealerTier B
Nick BottomSupportTier B
3HMASupportTier B
CristalloSurvivalTier B

Tier C Characters

Reverse 1999 Tier C characters can be considered suitable characters within the game.

Bunny BunnyDamage DealerTier C
Mesmer Jr.SupportTier C
Ms. MoissanSurvivalTier C
PoltergeistSurvivalTier C

Tier D Characters

Reverse 1999 Tier D characters are no good and should not be part of your game.

TTTSupportTier D

Reverse 1999 CBT Characters Tier List 2024

Here you can view a ranking of Reverse 1999 CBT Characters from best to worst, taking into consideration their attack, ability, and defense ratings.

Tier S CBT Characters

An-an LeeTier S
CenturionTier S
EternityTier S
LilyaTier S
Medicine PocketTier S
RegulusTier S

Tier A CBT Characters

Tier A CBT Characters represent average characters in Reverse 1999 game.

A KnightTier A
Druvis IIITier A
VoyagerTier A
SothebyTier A
Miss NewBabelTier A

Tier B CBT Characters

These Reverse 1999 Tier B CBT Characters are of below-average quality, never worth using as characters in games.

BkornblumeTier B
CharlieTier B
TennantTier B
DikkeTier B
Balloon PartyTier B

Who Are The Best Reverse 1999 Characters?

Top-TierAn-an LeeVersatile, deals Reality damage, amplifies damage, mitigates damage
Top-TierRegulusPowerful damage dealer or supporter, shines with crit builds
Top-TierDikkeDominant Beast-type DPS with strong Mental damage
Top-TierBlack DwarfTop-tier DPS, deals Mental damage
Top-TierTennantHigh defense Beast-type character, ideal for frontline
Strong OptionsLilya & RegulusCrit Queens, amazing with crit-focused teams
Strong OptionsA KnightGreat DPS against low-HP enemies
Strong OptionsCharliePowerhouse at Insight Level 3, outperforms many 6-star units
Strong OptionsSonettoEfficient buffer and debuffer
Strong OptionsBaby BlueStrong supporter, amplifies Mental damage


Which game are you referring to?

Since 1999 was full of popular games released that year, providing me with more specific details will allow me to understand your tier list request better.

Who Are the Bad Characters for Reverse 1999 Gameplay?

Poltergeist, Mesmer Jr., and TTT are Bad Characters for your gameplay 2024.

Who Are the Great Reverse 1999 Characters?

Eagle, Erick and Oliver Fog are considered some of the strongest characters in the game.

What Is The Reverse 1999 Tier List 2024 ?

Reverse 1999 Tier List provides you with an index to help choose your character in game. Be mindful, however, as this ranking could change should a new character or game update arrive for Reverse 1999.

What do you mean by “reverse” the tier list 2024?

Are you curious as to why certain characters appear ranked differently or would like more details on what criteria were considered when creating an original list? If that is the case for you, click here and reverse your characters’ rankings or read below about original criteria used for ranking characters on Tier Lists.


Hopefuly, this will provide an effective starting point to understanding the current status of Reverse: 1999’s Tier List.

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