Best For Beginners Pokemon Unite Guide 2024

Welcome to Pokemon Unite – an epic MOBA that’s taken the world by storm! Aeos Island awaits both experienced Pokemon trainers as well as novice trainers looking for exciting battles, teamwork, and of course adorable pocket monsters – but before diving headfirst into competitive matches let us arm you with knowledge to succeed on Aeos Island; let this comprehensive guide be your compass to ensure a victorious first experience of Aeos Island!

Map and Pokemon Unit:

Aeos Island is an engaging arena divided into top and bottom lanes that enclose an expansive jungle area, each featuring “wild Pokemon” to farm for experience points and Aeos energy that acts as the keystone to goal scoring and victory in each match. Your objective should be to collect energy from wild Pokemon as you defeat enemies to score more Aeos points on Aeos energy for yourself to eventually use against an opposing goal hooper for maximum score at match end!! Whoever ends with the highest total score wins!

Best Guide For Beginners Pokemon Unite

Choosing Your Weapon: Pokemon Roles and Picks

Pokemon Unite features an expansive roster, each character boasting unique playstyles classified under five roles – Attacker, Defender, Supporter, Speedster and All-rounder. As a beginner it would be wise to select an accommodating Pokemon like these:

AttackerPikachuRanged, easy to learn
AttackerCharmanderEvolving, balanced
AttackerVenusaurRanged, tanky
DefenderSnorlaxTanky, high sustain
DefenderSlowbroRanged CC, good damage
SupporterWigglytuffHealer, easy to learn
SupporterEldegossHealer, AoE buffs
SpeedsterZeraoraHigh mobility, burst damage
SpeedsterAbsolAssassin, snowball potential
All-rounderMachampHigh damage, CC
All-rounderLucarioFighter, evolving

Lane, Jungle, and Teamwork:

Each lane plays a critical role in a match: top and bottom lanes focus on farming, securing objectives like Rotom and Drednaw and scoring goals; while in the central jungle lies an area full of risks-rewards where dedicated Pokemon level up quickly while simultaneously supporting teammates’ attacks by Ganking them if need be. Communicate with your teammates so resources are shared across lanes strategically while objectives can be targeted together!

Essential Tips for Success:

Start earlyWhen farming for wild Pokemon, don’t underestimate their experience and energy! Utilize their presence wisely for growth and experience.
Score regularlyDon’t wait around for the perfect opportunity; seize every dunk as soon as it comes your way! Every score counts!
Prioritize objectivesRotom and Drednaw can offer significant team perks, while Zapdos is capable of changing the tide late game.
Keep an eye outUse the minimap to keep track of enemy locations and avoid potential ganks.
Stay within your roleDon’t go beyond your limits as an attacker or steal farm too often as a supporter.
Practice makes perfect!Don’t be disheartened by losses; experiment with different Pokemon and fine-tune your strategies!

Beyond the Basics:

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, advance into more intricate strategies by exploring held items, battle items and Unite moves. Held items can provide beneficial bonuses like increased attack power or decreased cooldown time; Battle items provide tactical options like healing or escape strategies; while Unite moves are your Pokemon’s ultimate attack capable of turning battle tide.

Pokemon Unite Five Battle Types:

Attackers: Attackers deliver massive ranged damage, excelling at both scoring goals and taking down opponents – think Pikachu’s electric barrages or Alolan Ninetales’ icy blasts as examples of powerful glass cannons.

Defenders: Defenders stand as immovable walls on the battlefield, taking in damage and disabling enemy attacks while protecting allies and securing objectives. Blastoise’s hydro cannons and Wigglytuff’s disruptive sleep attacks demonstrate their role perfectly.

Speedsters: Skilful and agile, Speedsters dart through the battlefield at lightning-fast speed, scoring goals quickly while harassing their opponents with incredible agility and skill. Zeraora and Talonflame’s electrifying speed are prime examples.

Supporters: An unsung hero of any game, Supporters provide invaluable buffs and debuffs, healing allies while hindering enemies. Eldegoss’ restorative pollen and Mr. Mime’s barrier-creating pantomimes demonstrate their supportive power.

All-Rounders: Versatile fighters, All-Rounders combine offense and defense to adapt to various situations and excel at team fights. Lucario’s powerful aura punches and Charizard’s scorching flames represent this adaptable role perfectly.

Beyond Battle Types:

While battle types provide an overview, each Pokemon (pokemon unite guide) within them has distinct abilities and playstyles that should be explored when selecting Pokemon within each type. Doing this can reveal hidden strengths or synergies – for instance Cinderace excels in dealing sustained damage while Greninja emphasizes burst attacks with mobility as her focus.

Muscle BandIncreases damage as enemy HP decreases on basic attacks.
Scope LensIncreases Critical Damage on Basic Attacks.
Wise GlassesIncreases Sp. Attack of your Pokemon.
Razor ClawIncreases Basic Attack Damage after using any skill.
Choice SpecsDeals higher damage with an increase in Sp. Attack.
Shell BellProvides healing whenever you hit anyone with a skill.
Energy AmplifierIncreases damage after using Unite Move.

Difficulty Levels:

Pokemon Unite (pokemon unite guide) categorizes its roster by difficulty level, from Novice to Expert. Novice Pokemon are generally easier for newcomers and casual trainers to pick up and master, whereas expert Pokemon (pokemon unite guide) require additional practice and strategic understanding – however don’t be discouraged by difficulty levels; even Novice Pokemon are viable options with proper team compositions and care taken when approaching battle!

LeftoversHeals when not in combat.
Assault VestProvides a shield that absorbs Sp. Attack when not in combat.
Rocky HelmetDeflects some damage taken to the enemy Pokemon.
Weakness PolicyIncreases Attack when taking damage, scaling with absorbed damage.
Focus BandProvides healing when HP drops to a certain level.

Building Your Team:

An effective team requires balance. Mix and match different battle types to form an efficient squad; consider assigning Attackers for scoring goals, Defenders to defend lines and Supporters who boost allies as effective forces for victory.

Float StoneIncreases movement speed.
Exp ShareShares all your exp to nearby allies, grants 2 exp per second if lowest exp.
Buddy BarrierProvides a shield to you and ally with lowest HP when using Unite Move.

Resources for Continued Learning:

UniteDB: A comprehensive database for Pokemon stats, builds, and guides; while the official Pokemon Unite Website features news updates and developer insight.

Streamers & Content Creators: Watch pro players to gain knowledge from their strategies.

The Pokemon Unite Subreddit: Discuss and learn more about Pokemon Unite; ask any related questions and share tips!


Pokemon Unite boasts an expansive roster of talented fighters with distinct strengths and playstyles, offering something different than other RPG titles. By understanding battle types, difficulty levels, and individual Pokemon abilities you can build powerful teams and dominate battle fields! So grab your Poke Ball, trainer, and step into this thrilling world of Pokemon Unite today!

This article should only serve as an initial starting point; explore further, discover your favorite Pokemon and forge your own path to victory in Pokemon Unite!

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