Anime World Tower Defense Codes (May 2024)

Anime World Tower Defense Codes (May 2024): Anime World Tower Defense is a Roblox game where players must protect their lanes using beloved anime characters. You can summon and gather formidable ninjas, pirates, and other characters to prevent defeat. Whether you choose iconic figures like Naruto and Natsu or explore other anime characters, you can construct the ultimate defense.

Utilize the following Anime World Tower Defense cheats to obtain various rewards. It’s crucial to keep an eye on their expiration dates and redeem the codes before they expire. We have prepared a list of all working codes below, enabling you to earn fantastic prizes in Anime World Tower Defense.

Anime World Tower Defense Codes

Anime World Tower Defense Codes (Active)

All working codes are provided here below:

Redemption CodeRedemption Reward
DragonKingdom3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens (New)
Ninetails3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens (New)
Valentine202410 Chocolates (New)
February11Accident3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens (New)
1MGolds1 million Gold
100MVisit10,000 Puzzles, 5 Miracle Shards, and an Exclusive Skin
GodShinobi3,000 Puzzles
SorryForQuestBug5,000 Puzzles and 1 Miracle Shard
30KLikesTysmPuzzle (New servers only)
UchigoDaigan3,000 Puzzles
75MVisit3,000 Puzzles and 750,000 Gold
125KFav10,000 Puzzles and 5,000 Spirit
MerryChristmasAWTD202310,000 Christmas Bell and a Legendary Padoru Unit
CHRISTMAS20233,000 Christmas Bell
50MVisit5,000 Puzzles and 5 Miracle Shards
StringKingdom3,000 Puzzles and 30 Reroll Tokens

Anime World Tower Defense Codes (Expired)

AWTDRIVIVEGold and Puzzle Pieces
DELAYUPDATEGold and Puzzle Pieces
BlamSpotGold and Puzzle Pieces
KingLuffyGold and Puzzle Pieces
Noclypso250 Puzzle Pieces
HappyNewYearsGold and Puzzle Pieces
25KLikesGold and Puzzle Pieces
HappyChristmasGold and Puzzle Pieces
UnitFollowingIsBackGold and Puzzle Pieces
PF2BUpdateGold and Puzzle Pieces
EarlyChristmasGold and Puzzle Pieces
ProTurtleGold and Puzzle Pieces
FateGold and Puzzle Pieces
FateUpdateDelayGold and Puzzle Pieces
OitnaiWorkHardGold and Puzzle Pieces
10MVisitsGold and Puzzle Pieces
EndGold and Puzzle Pieces
LateSummerGold and Puzzle Pieces
20KLikesGold and Puzzle Pieces
SorryForBugGold and Puzzle Pieces
FreeGoldFree Gold
XboxSupport1,000 Gold and 50 Puzzle Pieces
NewSecret1Gold and Puzzle Pieces
New_6MvisitGold and Puzzle Pieces
New_Yosha!Gold and Puzzle Pieces
New_SorryWeCantRestoreYourUnitUpgradeTUTGold and Puzzle Pieces
New_SorryForSummonAndStoryBuggedGold and Puzzle Pieces
AWTDReleaseGold and Puzzle Pieces
10KLikes50,000 Gold & 25 Puzzle Pieces
SryForALotOfShutdown50,000 Coins
1Mvisit50,000 Gold, 25 Puzzle Pieces
SryF0rShutD0wnPuzzle Pieces
GameRelease20,000 Coins

How can I redeem codes for Anime World Tower Defense?

  1. Launch Roblox and open Anime Tower Defense.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” button.
  3. Click on the settings icon.
  4. Copy a code from the provided list above.
  5. Paste the code into the designated field.
  6. Redeem the code to receive your freebies and rewards.

How Can I Get More Codes For Anime World Tower Defense?

It is best to join the game official Discord group if you want to find more codes. This will let you know about latest news and changes also give a chance to talk with other players. On the other hand we will regularly add latest files to this wiki.

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