Roblox My Prison Codes (May 2024): Get Free Rewards

Roblox My Prison Codes (May 2024): The game My Prison on the Roblox platform is a management simulator created by Florianne10. The objective of the game is to construct and manage your own prison, as well as capture and detain criminals to make your jail profitable. It is essential to prevent uprisings and breakouts as your prison grows larger to ensure that criminals remain in custody. Additionally, players can explore other players prisons to see their designs if they become bored with their own construction.

What is Roblox My Prison?

My Prison is an original tycoon and simulation game available on Roblox, providing players with the opportunity to construct, manage and customize their own correctional facility. In this game, players venture into Crime City to apprehend criminals who will then reside in their prison. It is the players responsibility to cater to the needs of these prisoners by furnishing the necessary items and furniture for their survival including an adequate number of cells, food and entertainment options. Additionally players can employ guards and other personnel to ensure the prisoners remain under control and prevent any potential riots or escape attempts. Your role in the game is to continuously enhance and expand the prison, ultimately creating a prosperous empire while keeping the inmates satisfied.

Roblox My Prison Codes

Roblox My Prison Codes (Active)

All active codes are provided here below:

Gate300 Cash
Xmas23300 Cash
Screamer23300 Cash
CarChase300 Cash

Expired Codes

CameraThis code can be redeemed for 350 Cash
replayThis code can be redeemed for 300 Cash
WeAreBackThis code can be redeemed for 250 Cash
EggThis code can be redeemed for 350 Cash
ChristmasmonthRedeem this code for 300 cash
calandarsoonRedeem this code for 300 cash
SantaRedeem this code for 300 Cash
passengerRedeem this code for 350 cash
nicecarRedeem this code for 300 cash
XmasRedeem this code for 299 Cash
scarehelpRedeem this code for 275 cash
halloweenRedeem this code for 300 cash
EnergyDustinRedeem this code for 188 cash
screamerRedeem this code for 5 cash
DynamicHeadsRedeem this code for 250 cash
FULLWINDOWSRedeem this code for 300 cash
finallyRedeem this code for 450 cash
securityclassRedeem this code for 350 cash
tweetRedeem this code for 500 cash
LIVEEVENTRedeem this code for 350 cash
rewardRedeem this code for 275 cash
museumRedeem this code for 300 cash

How Can I redeem Roblox My Prison Codes?

Follow below mentioned steps to redeem all active codes:

  • Begin by launching the game and initiating a prison scenario.
  • In the lower section of the screen, navigate to the menu bar and locate the icon depicting two players. Click on it.
  • From the menu that appears, choose the option labeled Promo Codes.
  • Enter one of the provided codes precisely as mentioned above.
  • Click on the redeem code button to successfully add the rewards to your account.

How Can I Get More Roblox My Prison Codes?

To discover additional codes, it is recommended to follow Florianne10 on Twitter, the game developer. You can find latest information on game and its community by joining the official Discord server. Alternatively we will continuously update this wiki with the latest codes so remember to check back regularly.

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