Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok

Reverse AI Filter Trend on TikTok: A trend has spread on TikTok in which people post provocative photos online – but it’s not what it seems.

A new trend is rapidly taking over video-sharing platforms, and people want to join in. This means that AI-generated art created with the AI Art filter on Dream by WOMBO app is becoming the new must-have.

What is the Reverse AI Filter Trend on TikTok?

In September 2022, TikTok users shared pictures of using it as their lock screen protector.

Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok

TikTokers reported their partners getting annoyed when their lock screen wasn’t a photo of them but rather one with an unusual filter. Users began posting explicit photos through the filter without fear of detection or bans, knowing full well that all details would be preserved. While you may occasionally see what has been painted over, most often all details have been obscured.

At the start of November 2022, kainenovak posted a video featuring an AI Art filter nude image. Within four days it amassed nearly 4.1 million views and 547,200 likes – with many commenting that they could see through its clever AI-inspired art to an x-rated picture underneath.

Trending On Google but why?

As more people use the AI art filter to hide their explicit photos, many began wondering if there was any way around this practice. Some have even turned the hobby into a game by working together to attempt to locate any explicit image hidden within posts.

Reports indicate that using an AI art filter on TikTok is impossible, which is great news for those who have shared explicit photos online. However, this doesn’t guarantee safety when using the art filter on one of your more explicit photos; users have been warned to proceed with caution.

One tech expert warned, “Using filters on images puts them at risk of being hacked. While users won’t have any way of altering these images, they may still pose risks.” On the other hand, some users have used the filter in more PG ways.”

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