Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok

Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok: A trend on TIKTOK has gone viral in which people post racy photos online, but it’s not what it seems.

The new trend is quickly taking over the platform for sharing videos, and people want to join in. This is what it means. AI-generated art made with the AI Art filter on the Dream by WOMBO app is the new trend.

Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok

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What is Reverse AI filter trend on TikTok?

It became popular when TikTok users posted about using it on their lock screens in September 2022.

TikTokers said that their partners would get mad because their lock screen wasn’t a picture of them, but it was a picture of them with a funky filter. Users then started to see what would happen by posting explicit photos through the filter, knowing that they wouldn’t get caught or banned for doing so. Even if you can sometimes see what’s been painted over, most of the time all of the photo’s details have been removed.

In one case, a TikToker named kainenovak posted a video with an AI Art filter nude in it at the beginning of November 2022. It got about 4.1 million views and 547,200 likes in four days. People joked that they could see the x-rated picture through the AI-inspired art that was so clever.

Trending On Google but why?

As more people used the AI art filter to hide their explicit photos, many people began to wonder if the process could be turned around. Some people have even made the hobby into a game by working together to try to find the explicit image in the posts.

Reports suggest that it’s not possible to reverse an AI art filter on TikTok, which is good news for people who have shared racy photos online. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use the art filter on one of your more explicit photos, and users have been warned to be careful.

One tech expert wrote, “When you use a filter on an image, you upload it to a server where it could be hacked. “Users won’t be able to turn these images around, but they may still be dangerous.” Some users, on the other hand, have used the filter in a more PG way.

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