Best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK April 2024

Best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK: At the time of writing, there are more than 80 different kinds of cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. All of them have different stats, skills, and ways to play. Read this guide to find out the best toppings for Cotton Cookies in CRK. Let’s get started!

The first thing you should know is that Cotton Cookie is a universal support cookie. She has perfect crowd control, good attack stats, and a pretty high number of health points. So, Cotton Cookie can quickly become a part of any team.

When talking about how rare things are, Cotton Cookie is an Epic Cookie. It makes this cookie good not only for experienced players but also for people who are just starting out. Continue to read the guide to learn more about the skills.

Best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK
  • A Warm Light
  • Sheep Stampede: stun for 1s.
  • Healing: 9,9 (ATK) every 1s for 9s.
  • 75% ATK increase summoned characters
  • Sheep Herd: 157,8 % of the Cookie’s DEF, 124,5% of ATK, 111.4% of HP.

CRK Cotton Cookie Skill: The warm light from Cotton Cookie’s lantern will sometimes heal allies and make the summoned creatures more dangerous. Cotton Cookie can also call sheep, which charge at enemies, do damage to the whole area around them, and stun them. For a short time, the sheep you summoned will fight with the Cookies.

Here are the best CRK Cotton Cookie Toppings, in order of how people like them. Please keep in mind that this list is completely subjective, and players are free to try more based on their own will and experience.

  • X5 Swift topped with chocolate
  • X3 Solid Almond Topping + X2 Quick Chocolate Topping
  • X3 chocolate toppings that melt quickly and X2 solid almond toppings.

Everyone agrees that the Swift chocolate topping is the best CRK Cotton Cookie Topping. The Cotton Cookie is not just a healer; her sheep can also do a lot of damage to enemies and sting them.

One bad thing about the cotton cookie is that it takes 17 seconds to cool down by default.

By using the X5 Swift chocolate topping, the cooldown time for its powers can be shortened. These powers work well with the cotton cookie by healing allies quickly, calling sheep quickly, and so on.

Another great way to use CRK Cotton Cookie Topping is with a quick chocolate topping and a solid almond topping.

Swift chocolate takes care of CD, but Solid Almond Topping makes damage resistance higher, which can be a double bonus. Use them in different ways based on your plan and style.

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