Takumi Nana Manga: Bio, Wife, Physique and More

Takumi Nana Manga: The pop-rock band Trapnest had a bassist named Takumi Ichinose. Throughout his childhood. Takumi Nana is an manga character which is a alone personality. In the below section of the article we have discussed about the Takumi Nana Manga.

Takumi Nana Manga: Bio, Wife, Physique and More

Takumi Nana Manga: Biography

Throughout his childhood, Takumi felt a great deal of isolation and unhappiness. His mother’s illness confined her to bed, and his father responded by turning into a nasty drinker. His sister also had a child while still in high school. Takumi shows maturity despite his rage and womanising inclinations by taking charge of his mother’s burial.

He found refuge in music, so much so that he founded a music club in high school and pursued a career in music with his band, Trapnest, which featured singer Layla, drummer Naoki, and other members who would eventually depart due to disagreements with Takumi’s authoritarian tactics. He successfully persuades Yasu (Blast’s drummer) to recruit Ren (Blast’s bassist) to join Trapnest as their guitarist when the band relocates to Tokyo. When Trapnest released their debut album in Japan, it quickly became a best-seller, selling over a million copies in Tokyo alone.

Takumi Nana Wife

He is currently married to Hachi, and they have two children, a son named Ren and a daughter named Satsuki, whom he is shown to be a doting father to.

Takumi is a tall, average-build young man in his early 20s (probably 23) with broad shoulders. Because of his good looks, he is well-liked by many ladies.


He has dark brown eyes, fair skin, and hair that reaches to his shoulders. There is nothing else about him that stands out.

Takumi favours wearing black and other dark colours. Whether he does this out of his own volition or because he feels pressured to maintain a certain “image” as a member of Trapnest is not made clear. Also, he has a penchant for high-priced items.

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Individual characteristics

The manipulative, egotistical, and self-isolating nature of Takumi is established on multiple times. His bandmates say he has a poor tendency of sleeping around and treating the ladies with whom he has sex with little respect. Despite his assurances that he will settle down with them, he typically dumps them after a single evening of sexual activity. In reality, he is not particularly lucky with the girls, but he convinces Hachi that he doesn’t sleep around.

He takes advantage of Hachi over and over, and once even physically restrained her as he told Nobu and Nana her secret. There is no sign of regret or understanding on his part that what he did was wrong on his part. As an alternative to an apology, he simply advises Hachi not to be too sad. He implies that he will “raise” the child from afar when he tells Hachi that he plans to care for the infant regardless of whether or not it is biologically his. will not be physically present in Hachi’s life but instead provide financial support.

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Even at the outset, Takumi was quite harsh and controlling. Whether it’s leading the band, swaying his family and friends, or coercing Hachi into sexual activity, he must always prevail. Someone has to be “really possessive” to call a band “Trapnest,” as Nana says at the opening of one episode.

His few displays of warmth reveal a bruised and lost man doing what he can to maintain some semblance of personal agency.


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