LA Times Crossword Corner Answers April, 2024

Today’s LA Times crossword corner answers will be released on Thursday. Crossword clues from the Los Angeles Times with solutions: The LATimes Crossword is a crossword puzzle that appears in newspapers, on the Los Angeles Times’ news websites, and on mobile devices. Jamey Smith/Ed. Rich Norris designed today’s puzzles. On this page, you will find all the LA Times Crossword solutions and clues for today’s problem (05/03/2024), as well as all solved and unsolved clues, as well as detailed instructions on how to play LA Times Crossword puzzles every day.

Today’s LA Times Crossword Corner Game Answers

Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris designed today’s puzzles. Over the years, Daily Free LA Crossword puzzles have developed a devoted following, with aficionados devoting their time to solving the puzzle using clues. So, here are the right answers to all crossword puzzles, along with a list of solutions. We’ll be updating and publishing new solutions on this website every day, so bookmark it by pressing CTRL + D. The highlights of LATimes the Daily Crossword Free puzzles Game solutions archive list are listed below;

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Los Angeles Times Clues Solutions

Today’s LA Times Daily Crossword solution (April, 2024)

Today, we discussed the all-word replies. The hints are listed in the order that they occurred. This website is updated on a daily basis, so check back often to get the latest Los Angeles Times right answers. 2024 Daily Crossword Corner puzzles. Our staff has verified that all of the Los Angeles Times Crossword Corner solution listings are accurate.

Game NameLA Times Daily Crossword Corner
edited & created byJamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris
MonthDecember 2023
Available onwebsite, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
LA Times Crossword corner web official

*LATimes crossword clue answers with answers added today

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers June, 2023


  • 53A Salad dressing brand and a characteristic shared by 19-, 29-, and 47-Across? : HIDDEN VALLEY
  • 19A Metaphorical steep cost: AN ARM AND A LEG (concealing DALE)
  • 29A Avian-like star cluster : EAGLE NEBULA (concealed GLEN)
  • 47A Japanese Ryukyu Islands-inspired health plan : OKINAWA DIET (concealed WADI)

LA Times crossword corner Crossword Daily Puzzle for April 12, 2024


1 Like a final exam in a language class, typically : ORAL
5 Religious offshoot : SECT
9 Nile reptile : ASP
12 Michael who plays Allan in “Barbie” : CERA
13 Physics and chemistry Nobelist Marie : CURIE
14 __ date: deadline : DUE
15 Direct-hire alternative : TEMP
16 The landscaping startup was financed via … : HEDGE FUND
18 Boxer Muhammad : ALI
19 Gas observed by 13-Across : RADON
20 “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself” memoirist Alan : ALDA
21 The extreme tourism startup was financed via … : VENTURE CAPITAL
24 “You’re important to me” : I CARE
25 Conditional programming word : ELSE
26 Gillette brand : ATRA
27 Clicking sound? : SHORT I
31 The shrink-ray startup was financed via … : MICROLOANS
34 Wasn’t straight : LEANED
35 Desert in northern China : GOBI
38 Social satirist Mort : SAHL
40 “The West Wing” creator Sorkin : AARON
41 The religious iconography startup was financed via … : ANGEL INVESTORS
46 “Buona __”: Italian “Good evening” : SERA
47 West Yorkshire home of Kirkstall Abbey : LEEDS
48 On Soc. Sec., perhaps : RET
49 The agriculture startup was financed via … : SEED MONEY
51 __ one’s time: wait : BIDE
52 Exist : ARE
53 __ guide : USERS’
54 Perched upon : ATOP
55 Ed.’s stack : MSS
56 Disorganized state : MESS
57 Workout spots : GYMS


1 “Parable of the Talents” author Butler : OCTAVIA
2 Word on an incumbent’s campaign poster : REELECT
3 Joined at the elbows : ARM IN ARM
4 Spot for a needy pet : LAP
5 Soft glove material : SUEDE
6 Hosp. trauma pro : ER DOC
7 Health insurance giant : CIGNA
8 Football kicker’s aid : TEE
9 Accomplishes mundane tasks, facetiously : ADULTS
10 Dessert with toppings : SUNDAE
11 Graduate from a balance bike : PEDAL
13 Blacken : CHAR
17 Unable to be successful with : FAILING AT
19 Bemoan : RUE
22 Spot to begin a hike : TRAILHEAD
23 Org. with a white rabbit in its logo : PETA
27 Mme., across the Pyrenees : SRA
28 Dearie : HON
29 La Liga chant : OLE
30 Word after hot or lightning : ROD
32 Spreadsheet unit : CELL
33 Part of campus Greek life : SORORITY
36 Nothing-to-do feeling : BOREDOM
37 Shoe parts : INSTEPS
38 Sinister smiles : SNEERS
39 Gives a thumbs up : AGREES
40 Burro : ASS
41 Breakfast tea variety : ASSAM
42 “Guess you beat me” : I LOSE
43 Babies, in Spanish : NENES
44 Makes a sudden change in direction : VEERS
45 Freezer aisle brand : EDY’S
50 Not saying anything : MUM
51 Carry-on : BAG

How to Play the LA Times Crossword Puzzle

On Thursdays, the LA Times Crossword puzzles are available for free in every LAT newspaper, on the L.A. Times website, and on the official Android app. The entire instructions for playing the LA Times’ Crossword Corner puzzle game ( via a web browser may be found here. The solution to the crossword puzzle is

Open your browser and go to, which is the official website of the LA Times game.

Log in to your account with the Los Angeles Times. Then begin to play.

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