Toothy gear Crossword Clue January 2023

Toothy Gear Crossword Clue: :Solving crossword puzzles is a great way to exercise your brain, while also helping you to kill time and giving you a new kind of mental challenge. Sometimes we have no idea how to do a puzzle since we are completely unfamiliar with the subject matter or we are just blanking. If you’re stuck on the toothy gear crossword conundrum and need assistance, we have all the possible solutions right here.

Not being able to solve a crossword puzzle is nothing to be embarrassed of. These enigmas span a wide range of topics, making it difficult to claim mastery in any single one. When you play these games enough, you’ll start to recognise a lot of the hints that are given.

Toothy gear Crossword Clue December 2022

Toothy gear Crossword Clue Answers

For hefty equipment, we’ve included every possible solution to each clue. When this clue next appears (on May 6, 2023), it will be in the Daily Themed Crossword. For the right solution, compare the length of the answers below with the specified length of the crossword puzzle you’re doing. For those trying to solve the crossword puzzle clue “Toothy gear,” the answer is:

COG (3 letters)

If the definition of a certain term in the clue or the solution helps you grasp it better, it will appear below. Use our Daily Themed Crossword May 6, 2023 Answers page in order to get the full set of today’s answers

Clue and Answer Definitions for Crossword Puzzles

COG (noun) (noun)

A gear wheel has a tooth on its outer rim.
a subordinate with a regular but crucial role.

COG (verb) (verb)

Use cogs to affix wooden planks together and roll steel into bars.

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