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Word bomb: Its macros are rather well-balanced, so it feels more like a meal than a sugar or protein explosion.

The remedy is for someone to drop a clarity bomb on you so that you can reset and break out of this bizarre downward cycle.

Bechtol worked with 1,000-pound precision-guided bombs while in the military.

Word bomb: The Boogalo Bois have military training, guns, and criminal records. They are now desperate to overthrow the government.

Word bomb
Word bomb

People were worried that if the Soviets could send probes around the Earth and Moon, they could drop a nuclear bomb on Washington or Los Angeles with ease.

A Review of MIT Technology

The FLQ, which had previously carried out a series of bombings, carried out its most famous act the next year, detonating a bomb at the Montreal Stock Exchange, injuring scores.

This included a channel that explained how to construct and conceal homemade firearms and bombs in the days leading up to the inauguration.

Why is the favourite new platform of right-wing extremists so dangerous?

Someone had put a bomb on one of Lincoln’s railroad waggons.

The First Inauguration of Lincoln was met with threats of kidnapping, killing, and militia.

Instead, they began regular foot patrols across fields that had been planted with concealed bombs.

The bombing of the Weather Underground

The extreme group planted a bomb in a restroom on the Senate side of the Capitol in March 1971.

Rogers has found out how to take advantage of his extremely small stature in a big man’s sport, firing bombs from behind the three-point arc, lofting running floaters from the paint, and twisting in artful scoop shots near the rim.

Definition of bomb

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1aan explosive device fused to detonate under specified conditions

b: ATOMIC BOMB also nuclear weapons in general —usually used with the

2a vessel for compressed gases: such as

aa pressure vessel for conducting chemical experiments

b: a container for an aerosol (such as an insecticide) SPRAY CAN

3a rounded mass of lava exploded from a volcano

4a lead-lined container for radioactive material

5FAILURE: , FLOP the play was a bomb

6British a large sum of money

7aBritish a great success HIT

bslang one that is striking or extraordinary —used with thetheir new album is the bomb

8aa long pass in football

b: a very long shot (as in basketball)shooting 3-point bombsalso HOME RUN

9something unexpected and unpleasant —often used with dropdropped a bomb with her resignation

bomb verb


Definition of bomb (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

1: to attack with or as if with bombs BOMBARD The planes successfully bombed their target.a bombed village

2ato defeat decisively

Allen tried a new slider pitch without success and was bombed in Cincinnati. — Jack Lang

3to hit (a ball, puck, or shot) very hardbomb a home runbomb a long drive down the fairway

4slang to fail (a test)I bombed my history exam.

intransitive verb

1informal: to fail completely; to fall flat. The movie bombed at the box office. a joke that bombed

2informal to move rapidlya car bombing down the hill

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