Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Whole Guide 2024

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Retro Studios and Nintendo released Metroid Prime for the GameCube. Metroid Prime is the first game in the series to employ 3D visuals and a first-person viewpoint. Since exploration trumps battle, Nintendo labels the game a “first-person adventure” It was released in North America, Japan, and Europe in 2002. Nintendo published Metroid Fusion one day before its North American release, marking the comeback of the franchise eight years after Super Metroid (1994).

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Whole Guide

Metroid Prime Walkthrough in its entirety

Space Station

Metroid Prime Walkthrough

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Samus explores a decommissioned space station. It’s a disguised instructional. Read the writing on your visor for control instructions. Deactivate the force field by shooting the first four red targets. Use your scan visor. There’s an icon-topped pillar. Scanning it activates red targets. These symbols trigger various items and are crucial for a 100% Log Book rating in the game.

Second force field has six targets, not four. As instructed, utilise the R-button to find higher targets. This gate leads to an open space. Roll into Morph Ball by pressing X. Using the L-trigger, you may adjust the camera in ball shape and lay explosives. Take your time, it’s enjoyable and looks good.

Turn on your scan visor as you enter the first space station corridor. There’s a lot to scan. Only red symbols count for 100% completion, although orange ones give tale insights and clues.

Tallon IV

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Whole Guide

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Tallon IV’s rain-soaked overworld is gorgeous, but scan your Gunship first. It’s an easy-to-forget prize to log. Take the elevator up to Chozo Ruins West from the entrance to the right of Canyon Cavern. Above the Ruins Entrance door, scan your first Chozo Lore.

Phendrana Drifts

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: You’re in Tallon IV’s Phendrana Drifts. You must smash ice sheet formations with your Charge Beam as you enter the Shoreline Entrance. This leads to Phendrana’s lovely shorelines.

Phendrana: Into the Core

Metroid Prime Walkthrough

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Phendrana is dark. You’ll enter the Research Core. Disable the defensive turret (using your Wave Beam) and prepare your scan visor in Specimen Storage. A Shadow Pirate will attack. You’ll be noticed at the Research Entrance. Space Pirates arrive. Before scanning and blasting them, glance at the entrance you entered. It’s a Locked Door that can only be unlocked by killing all adversaries in the chamber. It’s in your Log Book, so examine it.

Sunken Frigate

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Now proceed to the Main Plaza to reach Magmoor Caverns North. Visit the Sun Tower before Magmoor. Scan the wasp hives for cordite shields (which can be destroyed with missiles). Blast cordite shields using Super Missiles. Two runes appear. Scan, activate. Two additional runes are on the backs of two chamber pillars. They reveal a Spider Ball track when actuated. Bomb it to the Sunchamber. Chozo Ghosts arrive. Destroy them all to find Artifact #4: Wild. On Flaaghra’s blooming body. Jump up to get it, then return to the Magmoor Caverns North transport.

Phazon Mines

Metroid Prime Walkthrough

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: In Omega Research, bendezium blocks another Ice Beam door. When you arrive, another Elite Pirate will escape. He’s no danger. Blast away the debris in front of Map Station Mines’ entrance. Find the bendezium vent using your scanner. Power Bomb it and descend inside it like a Morph Ball.

Scan the reticle to activate the fans and remove the gas. Puffers shatter the fan grating on the opposite side, exposing an Energy Tank. Those horrible things finally help. Take the half-pipe to Elite Control Access to return to the mines’ first level. Start laying up the yellow track at Ore Processing. Bendezium blocks the second-floor rotating control unit. Once aligned, you may follow the yellow track to Storage Depot B. Grapple Beam is inside.

The Final Artifacts

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: You’ve gathered all upgrades. Find the last of 12 objects. Since you’re in the Phazon Mines, return to the first-level Mine Security Station. A bendezium barrier blocks a computer terminal on the top level near to Security Access B. Set a Power Bomb to access it; scanning the terminal will melt Security Access B’s force field. Inside is the Flamethrower, a secondary weapon upgrade.

Return to Tallon Overworld’s Life Grove to get the Artifact of Chozo. Bombing the pool’s metal lid reveals a Morph Ball spinner. By rotating, a walkway is raised. Capture the relic and exit the Morph Ball tunnel. Missile Expansion is on top. Use the half-pipe to boost to the top and drop a bomb; charge your boost when you let go near the bottom.

Beginning of the End

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: Returning all Artifacts to the Artifact Temple starts your Impact Crater quest. Meta Ridley is always on guard to safeguard the nasty Worm, as the Chozo dubbed it.

Impact Crater

Metroid Prime Walkthrough: When you reach Crater Point Entry, save. This room’s lone entrance leads to Crater Tunnel A, where Lumigek lives. They’re harmless, but you can shoot them to get ammo. Power Bombs are useful in the Phazon Core. Fission Metroid is clever and dangerous. By shooting on it, it will divide into two Metroids with particular vulnerabilities; red Metroids are injured by Plasma, yellow by Power Beam, purple by Wave, and grey by Ice. Each weapon’s charged shots work. One constant is Power Bombs.

Their explosion will obliterate anything nearby. Use this carefully when several Fission Metroids are around. You must platform up the Phazon Core. On the way, you may restock at a missile station, but that’s all. With perseverance, you’ll approach the entrance of Crater Tunnel B. Cross the caustic Spider Ball tracks. Next door is last. Here is Chozo’s Worm.

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