Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: Whole Guide 2024

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: Welcome to our walkthrough! This is the meat of our guide, with thorough information on completing each chapter. We outline how to complete every assignment and have found every prize. These riches are scattered throughout the tour in the order they’re discovered. Right?

Our walkthrough follows. Use the links below to navigate the tutorial. If you’re hunting for a certain prize, we’ve specified where to find it on the tour.

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: A Rock and a Hard Place

As you start a new game, you’ll encounter a surprising Marco Polo quotation that will give you shivers. “I didn’t share half of what I observed because I wasn’t believed.” Meaning? You’ll see Nathan Drake after viewing this quote. Drake is in grave shape, with a bleeding abdominal wound. What happened?

Chapter 2: Breaking and Entering

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: After Drake finds the mystery blade in Chapter One, Breaking and Entering begins rapidly. The opening cinematic shows Nathan, Harry, and Chloe in the sea near Istanbul, Turkey’s capital. This continues the memories from chapter one, as Drake’s buddies encourage him to go pursue a seemingly-worthless Mongolian item. These three are smarter. The original client does, too.

Chapter 3: Borneo

As you control Borneo, Chloe comes on the radio. You and Sully must discover and equip her bombs. Beginning is simple. Just keep moving, navigating avoiding shrubs and bushes in shallow water. On your left, you’ll see a red light. First armed charge. Sully will immediately take Chloe’s explosives detonator. Once armed, go to the next objective.

Chapter 4: Dig Site

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: Chapter Four will begin very immediately after Chapter Three, as indicated in the prior chapter. It’s smooth. You won’t have anything to worry about early on in Dig Site. You won’t locate any valuables or foes. This is excellent, as you were unarmed in the previous chapter’s melee. Sully advised following the hose from the start of the previous chapter. After a generator, there’s a drop-off. When you descend, a cutscene begins.

Chapter 5: Urban Warfare

After escaping Borneo, Nate is in Nepal. His research in Borneo revealed that the treasure wasn’t there. He walked away with a knife and a map that supposedly lead to the treasure’s location. Chloe is on Nate’s headset, so you can assume she’s back on your side after Borneo.

Chapter 6: Desperate Times

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: From the plant-filled area where the chapter begins, walk left outdoors, down the stairs, and towards two lion head sculptures. A cutscene plays once you descend. You must cope with the opposing troops around the hotel. Chloe says the only absurd danger is a truck bed on your right. If you want to survive, you must deal with his RPG first. Chloe’s plan to use a grenade after the RPG-wielding guy is down means things should be explosive.

Chapter 7: They’re Coming With Us

After Elena and the cameraman’s sequence, a gunship sends the four protagonists into the next location, where this chapter starts. You’ll face four or five adversaries straight away in this courtyard, but there’s plenty of cover. The adversaries are equipped with normal weaponry, and you’ll have plenty of support with two extra firearms (Jeff doesn’t have one, but Elena does). Positive!

Chapter 8: The City’s Secret

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: You may locate the first of two riches in this chapter as soon as you seize control. Right away, enter the door. On your left is a stairwell. You can’t climb missing steps, but you can utilise wooden fragments to reach the second story. This treasure is at the gate. This prize is visible from the chamber ahead, but you can’t get it. Instead of backtracking, get it here first.

Chapter 9: Path of Light

This chapter has a significant puzzle. The challenge involves controlling a single beam of light to hit surrounding mirrors. Blades will materialise in the room’s middle, allowing you to continue your mission. Let’s start. Start on one side of the room and proceed toward the centre mirror. Follow on-screen instructions to control the mirror. Flash the mirror at the statue head across the room. Once the light is on the statue’s head, you may study it. Drake’s dagger-key instantly enters the new slot, revealing the first of three blades.

Chapter 10: Only One Way Out

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: This temple has just one exit, back the way you came. This chapter involves retracing through the previous puzzle chamber, its passageways, the first puzzle area, and eventually outdoors. Not as simple as it seems. Last cutscene’s commotion reveals there are adversaries in the temple. Handle them yourself.

Most of the Treasures you missed in The City’s Secret and Path of Light may be found when you retrace around the temple. Refer to the previous walkthroughs for their locations. The Carved Jade Figurine from Path of Light and the Silver Shiva Amulet from They’re Coming With Us are the two Treasures you can’t gather.

Climb the ladder you used to enter the room. As soon as you emerge, hang over the ladder and shoot the four opponents searching for you. Then comes the poopstorm.

Chapter 11: Keep Moving

Interesting chapter. As Chloe and Elena protect you, you’ll have to pull Jeff to safety. Because you’ll have one arm wrapped over Jeff, you can only use pistols. Carrying Jeff’s weight will hinder your movements. Once you regain control, walk along the alley and through the open doors. Drake will tell Elena to lock the door in this messy room, which she does. You may escape this building through the adjacent alleyway. Chloe will say it’s a poor idea, and you’re probably sick of her.

Chapter 12: A Train to Catch

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: If you win, you’ll be disarmed. Last chapter concluded with you being stripped of your guns and jewels at gunpoint and fled from gunmen. You must reload. Here, concealment is key. Drop from your starting point and run to the concrete barrier. You’ll soon see a soldier. Stealth-kill him and take his gun. You may then deal with the other four adversaries. You may continue stealth or instantly shoot. We suggest getting a few more stealth kills before using your weaponry, since a heavily-armored shotgun-wielding adversary is nearby. Thin the opposing ranks before attacking him.

Rooftop man is another simple sneak murder. After the first opponent from behind the concrete barrier, glance left towards the wall. This climbable wall has colourful bricks. Jump the roof gap and kill the guard. If you started the conflict here, you’d have 1 fewer adversary and a superior view position. If you choose stealth, a guard enters and exits the room you’re standing on. Jump down and knock him unconscious. He waits beside the washer. If you picked up a grenade from a fallen adversary, aim for the armoured soldier.

Chapter 13: Locomotion

After the sequence that made you seize the train, you’ll control Drake again. This chapter’s premise is straightforward. You’re at the train’s rear and must go forward. What’s simple in theory isn’t usually simple in reality. This level involves platforming and close-quarters warfare. This train is moving too fast to move about much. Left-shimmy to start. Find a ladder to the railway car’s roof, then go to the next vehicle.

Chapter 14: Tunnel Vision

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: It starts gently. Move to the next rail car. As before, you must shimmy around this tanker’s side. Once you reach the edge of the railway car, you may climb on top, but wait until you discover the shooter. Pull him over to do a covert kill. This prevents alerting opponents. Take the weapons from the railway car and attack the two attackers in front of you. Three additional opponents will chase you from railway cars ahead after they die. Dragon Sniper Rifles are close because of this. Use them in zoomed mode to kill adversaries before they can harm you.

Chapter 15: Train-wrecked

This seems familiar, no? Now that the story’s two parts have converged, you’ll have to restart some of Uncharted 2’s opening chapter. We won’t have you repeat yourself. While not identical, you’ll know what to do. You’ve already done plenty of platforming. Keep moving, particularly while rushing through the falling train, since the ascent requires a quick reaction.

Chapter 16: Where Am I

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: This section is simple. It’s story-based, and you only control Nate briefly. The goal is to work your way through the Nepalese hamlet you’re in. You may kick a soccer ball to kids and listen to Nate’s jokes while walking. If you’re not interested in riches, head to the village elder’s residence. Here are three treasure sites. All of them are located in short succession, so you must get them before the chapter-ending cutscene.

Chapter 17: Mountaineering

This chapter starts harmlessly. You’re unarmed, which means you won’t have to fight for now. Since you have no weapons, you don’t have to look for the chapter’s six valuables on a rock 100 feet above you. Nice! Follow your guide left into the cave. Follow him down the left platforms. When he approaches a snowy body, he’ll take out a rope that lets you swing across the abyss. Climb down the ladder on the opposite side to continue.

Chapter 18: Heart of Ice

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: Since this chapter starts where the last one finishes, you’ll be platforming and solving puzzles. Over the gap, enter the mountain temple. Follow the darkish path. An elaborate lion’s head above you shows the way. Soon after, you’ll enter a massive mountain-temple chamber. Here, puzzle-solving begins. Start by going right and hitting the ground switch; your guide will do the other. When the adjacent pillars fall, flip the switch.

Chapter 19: Siege

After seeing the assault on the Nepalese village at the conclusion of the last chapter, you may start this chapter. This chapter requires frequent pistol usage, unlike the prior two. If you were bored by the absence of battle in prior chapters, don’t worry. Crossbows appear in your starting room. You can only carry three, four, or five bolts at a time, but you can still demolish the opponent with this weapon. Well-aimed, a single bolt can kill most enemies, so don’t overlook this ancient weapon.

Chapter 20: Cat and Mouse

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: This chapter opens with you stuck. Your opponents have dispatched a tank that will kill you in seconds. Nepalese peasants push off hostile forces to your left. Instead, run right. You’ll confront a few adversaries, but the tank will run them over quickly, so don’t worry about them. Run right and up the stairs to a closed door. Protect yourself from the tank’s machinegun while your guide opens the door. After that, rapidly proceed.

Chapter 21: Convoy

This is a great, quick, on-rails chapter. You don’t move, the game does. You’ll go from the rear of an enemy convoy to the front, from vehicle to vehicle as they traverse snow. You’ll get where you need to go automatically while managing Drake’s moves. Think about Locomotion to get a sense of the notion here. This chapter is shorter and simpler. No treasures!

Chapter 22: The Monastery

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: When you regain control, you won’t be able to easily reach the monastery. Instead, you’ll have to navigate an icy route filled with monsters. First, scale the narrow precipice to reach two chatting troops. The goal is to stealth-kill them both. When one walks away, take out his companion. If his gun didn’t fall with him, grab it before advancing.

Chapter 23: Reunion

This chapter begins with a shootout, giving you little time to respond. Get under cover and return fire. Because opponents are streaming in from many doorways at the far end of the area, you’ll have little space to manoeuvre. You have ammo and grenades. Close-combat requires pistols and shotguns, however an M4 and basic handgun will suffice. As you deplete their ranks, successive waves of thugs will storm this chamber, so keep hidden.

Chapter 24: The Road to Shambhala

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: This chapter starts out innocently, so don’t worry. You’re instantly given a puzzle. This isolated chamber has an orb in the middle and four daggers, similar to your key-dagger, on the walls. Two daggers face up, two down. Follow the on-screen prompt to turn the two upward-facing daggers downward. This activates the room’s orb. Not yet.

Chapter 25: Broken Paradise

This chapter starts fast, so be ready to run. You’re dealing with natives and hostile troops. Since you’re unarmed, everyone will be firing, and you can’t return the favour. For now, go ahead, climbing and leaping as you go. The platform you leap to will collapse and fall eventually. At this stage, you may equip yourself with an assault weapon and evade or attack platform foes. When the platform crashes, all opponents die and you may advance.

Chapter 26: Tree of Life

Uncharted 2 Walkthrough: Final chapter begins easily. Follow the trail, plummeting from many precipices to lower places. Once you start descending, you can’t retreat, but there’s no reason to. There are no foes here, therefore firing will waste ammo for the battle against Lazarevic. Since you’ve already discovered all 101 valuables, you don’t need to look here. None exist.

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