EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes The Legend of Zelda Guide

EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes is a Breath of the Wild DLC Side Quest. Link will get Tingle’s Hood, Shirt, and Tights after finishing this DLC Side Quest.

Misko stole antique clothing from Hyrule’s royal family. Green fairy clothes were found. A logbook says this treasure is at Outpost Ruins. East of the Great Plateau Tower, on the right, are the Outpost Ruins.

The Journal’s location

Fairy Clothes

EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes: Misko leaves the following note about the hood:

“Find these pieces at the ruins where trade flourished.”

Paraglide east to the Outpost Ruins from the Great Plateau Tower. Take a turn toward the southernmost walls.

Finding Tingle’s Hood

EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes: Misko leaves the following note about the shirt:

“at the ruins where sinners were imprisoned.”

This hint directs Link to Castle Town Prison, which is located on an island north of Moat Bridge and west of Hyrule Castle. To get the Tingle’s Shirt, search the area around the burned-out wooden post walkway and use Magnesis to extract a treasure box from the wreckage.

Where to look for Tingle’s Tights

EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes: Misko leaves the following note about the tights:

“at the village ruins next to farmland where many people once gathered.”

This hint directs Link to the Mabe Village Ruins, which are located east of the Central Tower and west of the Ranch Ruins. When you get in the ruins, seek for a Guardian’s rusty remains and use Magnesis to uncover the treasure box from underneath it. Tingle’s Tights are inside, and they’re really snug.

Now that you own all three components of EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes Tingle’s Set, you are free to enjoy an additional evening speed benefit while having a good time.

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