Redmi 10 Prime Flash File (official Firmware) All Version

Redmi 10 Prime Flash File :Download Xiaomi firmware for The 10Prime is Global Stable with MIUI V12.5.3.0.RKUINXM . The most recent firmware version of Redmi 10 Prime is updated automatically every day. Direct download link is available from Xiaomi server with unlimited bandwidth.

Redmi 10 Prime Flash File

The Flash File can help you upgrade, downgrade, or restore the Stock Firmware (OS) to your mobile Device. Flash File (ROM) Flash File (ROM) also allows you to fix the Mobile device when experiencing a Software Issue, Bootloop Issue, IMEI Issue, or Dead Issue.

Redmi 10 Prime Flash File (Official Firmware)

Password: officialroms
Working Model:  Redmi 10
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selene_in_global_images_V12.5.5.0.RKUINXM_20211216.0000.00_11.0 (India)

selene_global_images_V12.5.15.0.RKUMIXM_20211224.0000.00_11.0 (Global)

selene_eea_global_images_V12.5.11.0.RKUEUXM_20211221.0000.00_11.0 (Europe)

selene_in_global_images_V12.5.3.0.RKUINXM_20211016.0000.00_11.0_in | India

selene_global_images_V12.5.9.0.RKUMIXM_20211112.0000.00_11.0_global | Global

selene_eea_global_images_V12.5.9.0.RKUEUXM_20211020.0000.00_11.0_eea | Europe

selene_ru_global_images_V12.5.3.0.RKURUXM_20211017.0000.00_11.0_global | Russia

selene_in_global_images_V12.5.1.0.RKUINXM_20210810.0000.00_11.0_in | India

How To Flash Redmi 10 Prime:

  1. Download the firmware and extract the firmware
  2. From the icon that appears, Double click on Download Tool.
  3. After the tool has launched on your PC, Click on Start All
  4. Please turn off your mobile and connect it to the computer using the volume up and down buttons
  5. It will guide you to effective flashing.

Make a backup If you’re planning to flash the above firmware on the Redmi 10 Prime Mobile device, you should make an image of all your data as your personal information will be erased after flashing using the default firmware.

Redmi has officially released the firmware on this page. It allows users to restore their device if they experience a boot loop, software errors, hang, update error, or dead issues.

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