Wife and son witness tragic accident as man dies after jumping

A tourist perished tragically after falling off a cliff while on holiday with his family in Majorca, Spain. cliff jumping The accident was filmed on a phone camera by the Dutch man’s wife and son, according to the New York Post. Aboard Thursday in the Malgrats Islands, the 31-year-old was attempting to jump from a 100-foot cliff into the water while his family was on a nearby boat.

The man quickly discovered that he would not be able to jump beyond the rocks, which he collided with on his way down and fell into the sea. His scream could be heard in the footage as his wife said, “Oh my gosh!”, according to the source.

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the family paid for the boat so that he could be filmed jumping. When a person was reported missing, Guardia Civil, Calvia Police, and Maritime Safety and Civil Protection responded to the scene, according to the outlet; however, it’s unclear whether they will initiate an investigation into the incident. The cliff-jumping is a popular tourist attraction.


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