C murders release date: Expected Release Date

C Murder’s Release DateCorey Miller (C-Murder), born March 9, 1971 and affiliated with No Limit Records as its supergroup TRU, signed him to No Limit’s No Limit Records label during the mid 1990s.

Miller signed with No Limit Records to record solo albums under C-nine Murder’s moniker; these included 1998’s platinum-selling Life or Death and subsequent ones released through Koch Recordings, Asylum Recordings, RBC Records, Venti Uno among many other labels.

Who is C-Murder?

C-murders release date
C-murders release date

C-Murder (Corey Miller) is an American hip-hop artist born March 31st 1971 and raised in Calliope Projects near New Orleans Louisiana USA with his older brothers; Master P (music mogul), Silkk The Shocker, Grammy award-winning rappers as his elders.


Why is C-Murder behind bars?

In 2009, a jury found C-Murder guilty on all allegations levied against him and sentenced him to life. A Louisiana jury had also found him responsible in 2002 of killing Steven Thomas (then 16 years old) at a nightclub there in Louisiana; an Elayn Hunt Correctional Center inmate 49 year-old Miller has since been taken into custody despite numerous attempts from Miller’s legal representatives at overturning this verdict; nevertheless he still maintains his innocence to date.

When will C-Murder be released or the release date for C-Murders?

Miller will only be released from prison if he can demonstrate that he is innocent of all charges filed against him and until then is uncertain when this might take place. This has resulted in two key witnesses against Miller recanting their statements which had previously testified against him due to authorities pressuring them into testifying against Miller.

Kenneth Jordan was the initial witness and issued a statement asserting, “I know without any shadow of doubt that the individual I saw shooting the gun wasn’t Corey Miller.

Darnell Jordan was convinced Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas and made this statement to them as their second witness.

The musician maintains his innocence and, along with his brothers and nephew, have all demanded new trials numerous times.

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Kim Kardashian Supports Corey Miller

In 2018, two witnesses who had witnessed the night of the incident refused to testify, raising new motives for prosecution. Kenneth Jordan claimed police pressured him into implicating C-Murder as the culprit and name C-Murder as their perpetrator in his statement; Kenneth stated in his testimony: “I know who fired that weapon was not Corey Miller.” Kenneth concluded:

Darnell Jordan was working security duty the evening of the incident when police tricked him into misidentifying C-Murder as the shooter and detained & imprisoned him as a drug witness until agreeing to testify against C-Murder at his original 2003 trial trial.

Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas according to his statement, while Kardashian West announced she will work closely with singer Monica, whom Miller was dating at the time of his arrest, along with REFORM Alliance members Jessica Jackson & Erin Haney to reduce the number of unjustly imprisoned individuals. This organization seeks to dramatically decrease” such instances of imprisonment.

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