Newmark with an eponymous list Crossword Clue 2024

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About Newmark with an eponymous list

Newmark’s eponymous list is a list of eponyms, which are words or phrases named after a person, usually someone who made significant contributions in a particular field or domain. The list for the 1991 Collegiate Dictionary was made by Michael Newmark, a lexicographer & editor for Merriam-Webster.

Science, health, art, politics, & pop culture eponyms are included. Some examples of eponyms on Newmark’s list include:

  • Darwinism, named after Charles Darwin, is the theory of evolution by natural selection.
  • A Freudian slip, named after Sigmund Freud, is a verbal mistake that reveals an unconscious thought or desire.
  • Machiavellian, named after Niccol Machiavelli, describes political deception.
  • Parkinson’s law: named after C. Northcote Parkinson, it is the principle that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
  • Braille, named after Louis Braille, is a system of raised dots used by the visually impaired for reading & writing.

Anyone interested in the background of terms & phrases as well as their history & sources should consult Newmark’s collection of the same name.

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Newmark with an eponymous list Crossword Clue 2022

Newmark with an eponymous list Crossword Clue Answers

There may be more than one appropriate answer to a given clue, & we’ve tried to provide Newmark with a comprehensive list of them all in this one location. You might have located the solution to this riddle in the New York Times Crossword on January 12, 2024. To make the best decision, compare the lengths of the below-listed solutions to the lengths stated in the crossword puzzle you are trying to solve. Newmark with an identical list: The right response to the crossword puzzle is this:

CRAIG (5 letters)

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Crossword Clue & Answer Definitions

Newmark with an eponymous list Crossword Clue NYTCRAIG

EPONYMOUS (adjective)

being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Newmark’s eponymous list:

What is Newmark’s eponymous list?

Michael Newmark, a lexicographer & editor at Merriam-Webster, compiled a compendium of terms & phrases named after individual.

What are some examples of eponyms on Newmark’s list?

Some examples of eponyms on Newmark’s list include “Darwinism,” “Freudian slip,” “Machiavellian,” “Parkinson’s law,” & “Braille.”

Why is Newmark’s eponymous list important?

Newmark’s eponymous list is important because it provides insight into the history & origins of words & phrases, & the people behind them. It is a useful reference for anyone interested in the etymology of words & their cultural & historical significance.

Where can I find Newmark’s eponymous list?

Newmark’s eponymous list can be found in the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, starting with the 1991 edition.

Are there any other notable eponymous lists?

Yes there are many other notable eponymous lists, such as Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, which includes many medical eponyms, & The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, which includes many famous quotations attributed to specific people.

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