Aranea Highwind: Interesting Facts About Aranea No One Knew

Aranea Highwind: Final Fantasy XV finally came out for home consoles in 2016. It had one of the longest development times of any game ever. Even though the game was criticized for a number of things, it was still thought to be a good game overall. Everyone liked the main characters, the open-world layout, and the graphics, among many other things about the game.

Aranea Highwind: Interesting Facts About Aranea No One Knew
Aranea Highwind: Interesting Facts About Aranea No One Knew

Aranea Highwind: Interesting Facts No One Knew

Her harsh treatment of Prompto is actually a result of wanting to help him

In Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, Aranea is a big part of getting Prompto out of the mental spiral he was in.

Players might think that she is being too rough with Prompto, but the truth is that she is being aggressive to help Prompto get tougher and not be too upset by this turn of events.

She Will Never Forget Her Humble Beginnings

Aranea may have worked hard and risen to a high position among the nobility, but she never forgot where she came from.

So, even though she might be surrounded by both low-level and high-level officials, she doesn’t use formal language and treats everyone the same. Because she is rude and careless, this gets her into heated situations where she even criticizes her bosses.

Her cape is meant to look like dragon wings.

If the name of Aranea’s armor wasn’t enough to make it clear that she is a Dragoon, her cape is the cherry on top.

Aranea wears a long white cape with a red symbol on it. This cape flaps around when she fights in the air. This makes it look like she has dragon wings, which was done on purpose.

The Dragon Mail is the name of the armor she wears.

Aranea’s armor, which she wears throughout the game, is also an iconic piece of its own and is meant to emphasize that she is the Dragoon class.

This is clear from the fact that her armor is called “Dragon Mail,” which is about as clear a hint as you can get.

In Final Fantasy XV, she fits the Dragoon class.

Final Fantasy XV is supposed to be the first game in the series for people who have never played it before, which is a very debatable claim. For these people, it can be hard to understand what a Dragoon is, let alone what role they play in the Final Fantasy series.

But long-time fans already know about this legendary class, which stands out from the other classes in this game by using spears and the ability to jump. Given that Aranea uses a lance and is a master of airborne combat, and that her last name is Highwing, it doesn’t take an expert to figure out that she represents this class in Final Fantasy XV.

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She is the Commodore of the Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Unit of the Niflheim Empire.

Aranea worked as a mercenary for the Niflheim Empire at first, and her skills in air combat always impressed officials.

So, the Empire made her position more permanent by making her the Commodore of the Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Unit, which is quite a mouthful.

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She’s Known Biggs & Wedge Since Their Childhood Days

As a mercenary, Aranea was teamed up with many officers to help her with her missions. This included the classic duo of Biggs and Wedge, who have been a part of Final Fantasy since the beginning.

As a bonus to Aranea’s history, the game’s lore shows that she knew Biggs and Wedge when they were all teenagers. This makes their relationship stronger.

The magick lance she uses is called the Stoss Spear.

When talking about her lance, it’s important to note that Aranea’s combat power is definitely boosted by the Magitek lance she uses, which gives her attacks a lot more power.

This lance is called the Stoss Spear, and since it made its famous debut in Final Fantasy XV, it has become linked to Aranea.

Her Cape Is Supposed To Mimic A Dragon’s Wings

If the name of the armor wasn’t enough to give it away, Aranea’s cape certainly will.

Whenever Aranea engages in aerial combat, her long white cape, emblazoned with a red emblem, flaps around. This is on purpose, as it gives the impression that she is equipped with dragon wings.

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