Dragon Ball Best Episodes: Each saga’s best Episode (IMDB)

Dragon Ball Best Episodes: Dragon Ball has notable episodes in every story. IMDb’s top picks. Dragon Ball Z may be the best anime ever, but it wouldn’t be if not for its precursor, Dragon Ball. Since the original series ended in 1989, it’s easy to forget how fantastic Goku’s early adventures were, but they shouldn’t be. Some say the original is the best.
From episode 1 to 153, Dragon Ball never lost quality, yet the finest episodes stand out. Choosing the best episodes from each epic is subjective, but IMDb can assist.

10. Emperor Pilaf Saga: “A Wish To The Eternal Dragon” (8.0)

In “A Wish to the Eternal Dragon,” all the Dragon Balls are gathered for the first time. Emperor Pilaf has imprisoned Goku and co. Oolong escapes and intercepts Pilaf’s request with his own: a pair of pants.

The first Dragon Ball saga is more episodic than the remainder of the series, with most episodes being one-shots. Goku and Bulma’s monthly escapades are amusing, but the story’s conclusion is much better.

9. Tournament Saga: “The Final Blow” (7.9)

Jackie Chun and Goku are exhausted in “The Final Blow,” so they turn to hand-to-hand fighting. Both warriors fall unconscious after one final strike. One of them just needs to proclaim victory.

The original Tenkaichi Budokai is a classic. Meeting the world-class fighters in the tournament helps open up Dragon Ball’s colourful universe, and the fact that the audience has no clue who will win is unique for the series.

8. Red Ribbon Army Saga: “Major Metallitron” (7.6)

Goku enters Muscle Tower to rescue Jingle Village’s leader. As its name implies, the tower is packed of formidable enemies, including the giant Major Metallitron. Goku isn’t intimidated, so he fights the giant android.

The Red Ribbon Army may be Dragon Ball’s biggest villains. They’ve appeared in every season, a special, and many movies, and they always challenge Goku. His clash against Major Metallitron launches the rivalry.

7. General Blue Saga: “The Trap Is Sprung” and “Blue, Black and Blue” (8.0)

Goku, Krillin, and Bulma are followed by the Red Ribbon Army in “The Trap is Sprung.” Goku faces General Blue in “Blue, Black and Blue.”

Both episodes deserve respect for being tied. “The Trap has Sprung” combines action, adventure, and comedy like the original Dragon Ball. “Blue, Black and Blue” features a gripping conflict between a beloved hero and a terrible adversary who’s also hilarious.

6. Commander Red Saga: “The Notorious Mercenary” (8.4)

In “The Notorious Mercenary,” Goku discovers he may gain enormous power by ascending Korin Tower, which is alluring despite the tower’s height. Mercenary Tao, the series’ scariest villain, is also introduced.
Mercenary Tao’s abilities completely changes how powerful a villain may be in the Dragon Ball world. These astounding scenes are what make people like Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Best Episodes

5. Fortuneteller Baba Saga: “True Colors Of The Masked Man” (8.2)

The mystery masked combatant squaring off against Goku in Fortuneteller Baba’s tournament is Grandpa Gohan. The short but sweet reunion between the two ranks among the series’ best scenes.

This is one of the rare occasions spectators get a glimpse of Goku’s father. It was great to give the audience so little time with him and leave him mysterious.

4. Tien Shinhan Saga: “The Fallen” (8.6)

Goku and Tien face battle in the concluding episode of the Tien Shinhan Saga. Tien wins in a picture finish after a tremendous battle. Goku’s after-fight dread leads to a terrible realisation.

One of the finest battles in the franchise, in one of the best tournaments, mixed with the series’ most stunning event makes for a superb episode. The most popular episode of Dragon Ball was this one.

3. King Piccolo Saga: “Goku Strikes Back” and “The Final Showdown” (8.0)

“Goku Strikes Back” begins the franchise’s biggest battle. When Goku and King Piccolo start battling, Goku seems to be powerful. Goku wins “The Final Showdown,” but not before King Piccolo barfs out Piccolo Jr.

This saga’s bookends of an extraordinary battle tie. It’s hard to pick between two deadly foes finally fighting and witnessing how it all ends.

2. Piccolo Jr. Saga: “Changes” “Kami vs. Piccolo” and “The Victor” (8.0)

“Changes” after a three-year hiatus. At the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, several recognisable characters have changed appearances. Goku’s new deadly nemesis isn’t beyond dirty tactics in “Kami vs. Piccolo.” Goku and Piccolo conclude the tournament in “The Victor”

The finale’s three-way tie indicates how well-balanced it was. The time jump allowed fans a glimpse of a future series, while the World Martial Arts Tournament helped wrap the last chapter.

1. Filler Episodes: “Goku Goes To Demon Land” (7.8)

Goku goes to Demon Land to rescue Princess Misa as everyone else trains for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. He faces demon combatant Shula, who wants to marry the princess without her will. Goku’s plans are different.

Dragon Ball has little filler, and the non-manga episodes are enjoyable. This episode seems like a solo movie. It adds nothing to the story, but it’s enjoyable.

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