New Stranger of Paradise DLC Release Date Announced

The date for the expansion pack, Wanderer of the Rift, is set for October 26.

Square Enix and Ninja revealed the release date of Wanderer of the Rift for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

To open the next level, the user must fight through the Labyrinth of Dimensions.

Monsters of a unique type that can be vanquished in battle and called to aid the summoner with the aid of a summoning stone.

Wanderer of the Rift adds upgradeable equipment and specializations (Blue Mage)

The Dragon King published Wanderer of the Rift, the second episode in the Deadly Tales - Final Fantasy Origin Season Pass, on July 20.

It has been revealed that the Wanderer and Rift will be available for purchase on October 26

for all of the main game's platforms, including PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, X, and S.