Dragon Ball ZVideo Games: The Top Best 16 Seen


Dragon Ball ZVideo Games: The Best 16 No other anime has had as much of an impact on the gaming industry as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Since its debut, the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super franchises have been licensed to gaming firms, and new games have been released on a regular basis. The games are hit or miss for many. Others, such as Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, which was released without fanfare or critical acclaim, or the unfinished Dragon Ball Z Sagas, are masterworks.

With the current rise in Dragon Ball popularity owing to the impending release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, let’s take a look back at the huge number of Dragon Ball games and identify the contemporary hits, fan favourites, and hidden treasures.

Dragon Ball ZVideo Games: The Top Best 16 Seen

Dragon Ball ZVideo Games: The Top Best 16 Seen

Ben Jessey updated this page on October 27, 2021: Dragon Ball is a series that is always current. There has never been a period when fans ceased devouring DB content in some way. It helps that fresh Dragon Ball material, such as the newly announced movie, is constantly being published.

In terms of video games, it’s uncommon that more than a few years pass without anything new being released. So much so that any list of the top Dragon Ball games would invariably leave out a few key titles. For example, our list omitted a couple really popular titles that ought to be included. As a result, we’ve updated the article to include a few additional nuggets.

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Burst Limit (Dragon Ball Z) Teen Gohan vs. Goku from Dragon Ball Burst Limit

The first thing you’ll notice about Burst Limit is how stunning it is. Character models in Dragon Ball games are seldom as beautiful as the cel-shaded ones in this 2008 fighter. While the game’s aesthetics are its strongest feature, they aren’t the only thing it has to offer.

Battles have lots of depth to match the game’s aesthetic, with each one moving at a quick and engaging pace. Even though it may seem easy at first, the gameplay has considerable complexity. If only the roster had more depth, since one of the game’s minor flaws is its limited cast of characters. However, all of the important characters from before the Buu saga are included.

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2 Supersonic Warriors from Dragon Ball Z

The majority of the top Dragon Ball Z games just retell the anime’s story. Supersonic Warriors accomplishes the same thing, except it also contains a variety of “what if” situations. These one-of-a-kind tales play with the well-known Dragon Ball Z story to create something new. Piccolo, for example, comes back and combines with Demon King Piccolo at one point in his story to gather the strength to face Buu.

These unique narratives are intriguing, and they give less well-known people a chance to shine. The gameplay, on the other hand, isn’t really innovative, but it’s entertaining enough.

3 Dragon Ball ZVideo: The Legacy Of Goku II

It’s always fun to see the DB series branch out into other genres. In reality, some of the finest Dragon Ball Z games, such as Legacy of Goku II, aren’t only about battling. This 16-bit RPG focuses as much on the exploration aspect of the series as it does on the large fights.

More course, there are plenty of battles left in the game, but you don’t just go from battling Android 19 to fighting Android 18. Instead, you explore the interesting world of Dragon Ball, looking for items and conversing with people. As a consequence, fighting is straightforward, yet curiously enjoyable.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is the thirteenth instalment of the Dragon Ball franchise.

With more cinematic aspects and huge, showy, fitting assaults, Raging Blast aims to take the concept for 3D, action-packed combat to the next level. The game was, and still is, a graphical marvel that successfully captures the spirit of manga and anime.

In terms of gameplay, Raging Blast is comparable to the Tenkaichi games and does not offer many new components to the series. Even though the weird camera might be frustrating, combat are still smooth and exciting. It also has something the anime didn’t: Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta.

5 Xenoverse 2 (Dragon Ball Zvideo)

While none of the Xenoverse games are among the top RPGs of the age, they are still good games. Overall, Xenoverse 2 outperforms its predecessor since it has far more material.

The plot is one of the greatest aspects of the game. The game takes the original Dragon Ball Z story and alters it via time travel. Unfortunately, the battles do not match the brilliance of the story, and Xenoverse 2 does not give an entertaining arena fighting experience. Despite this, the game is still a lot of fun to play, and it’s one of the finest Dragon Ball Z games ever.

What is Goku doing in Kamehameha?

Between fans of Budokai games and Budokai Tenkaichi, there is still a significant divide. Budokai is a fighter, while Tenkaichi is an arena fighter, in part because the makers knew it couldn’t compete. Until FighterZ, all DBZ fighting games attempted to imitate the mechanics of both of these titles.

The finest of the Dragon Ball Z arena fighting games is Dragon Ball Zvideo: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. While the gameplay is unremarkable and most of the characters are model swaps, it is jam-packed with them. There are also unknown characters who have never been considered before or subsequently. The ultimate Dragon Ball Z toy box game exists. Every other arena fighting game has just followed suit.

7 Fusions 10 Dragon Ball Promo Image for Dragon Ball Fusions

Dragon Ball: Fusions is an unexpectedly enjoyable video game. It’s already a rare beast in the DBZ Universe as a Dragon Ball RPG. It’s a wild RPG game with a lot of fan service and allusions from all across the cosmos.

The game is a little strange. It begins off quite irreverent, but as it progresses, it becomes even more so. It’s a one-of-a-kind RPG experience, giving fans something they’ve never seen before. However, it may make some fans feel a bit strange.

8 Dragon Ball Zvideo Super

When Super Dragon Ball Z was released on the PlayStation 2, the game was met with mixed reviews. The fast-paced gameplay of the Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi series had fans anticipating a fun, thrilling action game in Super Dragon Ball Zvideo. but instead, they got a much slower-paced, technical fighter… with far fewer characters than anticipated or desired. There were nearly 150 characters in Tenkaichi 3! Who gives a damn about this game?

Fans of competent, well-structured fighting games rediscovered the game over time, recalling “Wait, this game was designed by Akira Nishitani – you know, the man who produced Street Fighter II.” And it’s obvious. You may also play Chi-Chi.

9 Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is the eighth Dragon Ball game.

There aren’t many Dragon Ball games available. Yes, Dragon Ball Z, but not Dragon Ball. The older series is sometimes overlooked in favour of the more extravagant action, while fans of the older series typically dislike Dragon Ball’s lighter, humorous tone.

That’s why so many fans overlooked Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, a Gameboy Advance beat-em-up that takes you from the beginning of the series to the climactic battle with King Piccolo. Even before you consider that you may play through the game with numerous characters, the game has amazing diversity thanks to a blend of platforming, flying, and combat sections. It’s one of the greatest portable Dragon Ball games.

10 Buu’s Fury from Dragon Ball Zvideo Dragon Ball Buu’s Rage Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II was the only solid Dragon Ball Z game for many Americans growing up during the early Toonami period of Dragon Ball Z. Unfortunately, when the Budokai series was released, many people had forgotten about these old-school games in favour of the new 3D fighting game entries.

That is why many people did not play Buu’s Fury, the sequel to Legacy of Goku II. It improved on all of the previous games’ excellent gameplay (for example, western RPG gameplay). It also includes digital interpretations of Bruce Faulconer’s Dragon Ball Z video soundtrack, which will bring back memories for many fans of the anime.

11 Attack of the Saiyans (Dragon Ball Z)

The Saiyans Attack Robot Attacks Goku Fans of the franchise sometimes overlook Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans for the Nintendo DS. It isn’t the first adventure game, or even the first RPG, to recount the Saiyan Saga.

While there may not seem to be a lot of information, it begins in the Dragon Ball period and adds a lot of material to fill in the gaps. It does, however, provide a complicated and engaging JRPG gameplay system. This game is fantastic for lovers of Dragon Ball Z warriors.

12 Infinite World DBZ Infinite World

As the PlayStation 2 approached its end in 2008, one last Dragon Ball game was launched to add to the PS2’s already impressive roster. This game is basically a Budokai 4, with the majority of the nice components from Budokai 3 and some key problems addressed.

The “Dragon Rush” element from Budokai is completely absent here, which is seen as a great advantage. While not as well-known as its predecessors and receiving mixed reviews from reviewers, this game is beloved by many fans and is one of the franchise’s most underestimated and underplayed titles.

13 Super Butoden 2 (Dragon Ball Z)

To many current gamers, ranking an outdated 2D fighting game above games like Budokai Tenkaichi or Xenoverse may appear sacrilegious. Other individuals who grew up with the internet may remember the sprites from the early 2000s as being ubiquitous on forum signatures.

However, only a few people have played this wonderful SNES fighting game. This game was outstanding among SNES fighters. The game requires split-screen since the levels are so large and include so many diverse locations. Despite the fact that it has considerably fewer characters than current Dragon Ball Z games, none of them seem like model swaps. It also has a unique premise that involves Bojack and leads to some bizarre plot lines.

14 Kakarot from Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the most recent addition to the vast history of Dragon Ball games. It tries to accomplish something that has been done a million times before: have the player punch and ki-blast their way through Dragon Ball’s all-too-lovable plot, but this time with some crucial RPG features and a polished 3D fighting system.

The paucity of material for people who haven’t grown up with this anime behemoth is one of the game’s few drawbacks. The RPG components are enjoyable and intuitive, but they rapidly become monotonous and boring. However, if you get beyond the few shortcomings, this is a game that each aspiring Saiyan warrior should play.

15 Budokai 3 (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 was the finest fighting game in the franchise for a long. It had the best combination of characters, gaming mechanics, fast-paced action, narrative mode, and pure enjoyment of any Dragon Ball Z game. Budokai 3 is the only game to successfully include a rock-paper-scissors feature. Budokai 3 is the only game (save for the last one) to have a cast of well-balanced Dragon Ball Z combatants.

Budokai 3 is a love letter to the whole series, including characters from throughout the game’s history. In the pre-internet era of video games, it gave fans an opportunity to compete against one another (in a sense). It did more to make the underappreciated Dragon Ball GT cool than anything else before or after. It added value to character transformations.

16 Dragon Ball FighterZ is a video game based on the Dragon Ball franchise.

So, how many competitive Dragon Ball Z fighting games are there? FighterZ is employed in Esports because of its balanced, responsive, and sophisticated combat system. However, even inexperienced fighting game players will be able to enjoy the 2D title. It’s also the most pure fighter produced under the Dragon Ball name.

Battles are fast-paced, fluid, and visually stunning. Furthermore, the best characters seem different from one another rather than being simply remodeled. The game even tries to provide a unique tale, and although it isn’t the finest Dragon Ball story ever told, it is nonetheless interesting.

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