Actor in spanish Tobey Maguire’s involvement in Spider-Man

actor in Spanish Tobey Maguire’s involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home may have been confirmed by a Spanish dub actor.

Anyone working on a top-secret Marvel project, at least in our imagination, is required to swear a vow of secrecy for the length of the project’s creation. We wouldn’t be surprised if the actors and crew of Spider-Man: No Way Home had to sign an NDA that, if breached, would send them back in time with Dormammu. Tobey Maguire’s presence in a future Spider-Man production may have been leaked, therefore one dub actor might be on his way to Dormammu right now.

Actor in spanish Tobey Maguire's involvement in Spider-Man

Marvel fans will track down any scraps of leaked information, and Spanish dub actor Roger Pera has just verified one of them. While appearing remotely on the Spanish podcast El Sotano del Planet, Pera was asked whether he had any Spider-Man-related employment in the near future. “Yes, this will happen,” the actor said, adding that he had no idea when the job would begin. Pera also said that he had been in negotiations with Sony regarding a future project, which he first mistook for a ruse.

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Actor in spanish Tobey Maguire’s involvement in Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was dubbed in Spanish by Pera for Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and the actor’s frank response implies that Maguire’s Spider-Man may return in some manner. It’s unclear if it’ll be for No Way Home or not, considering other reports have said that Maguire and Raimi may reunite for Spider-Man 4, and Pera might very well be working with them on that.

There’s also Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, which has already cast Christopher Daniel Barnes from the 1990s animated series as a voice actor. The story of Into the Spider-Verse 2 is expected to incorporate prior versions of Spider-Man, and Maguire’s version of the character might very well be included.

By means of the ‘Happy Birthday’ comic book storyline, Spider-Man: No Way Home is said to be the defining MCU movie that opens the Spider-Verse. In Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Multiverse will be continued, and fans expect Maguire’s Spidey to arrive.

Andrew Garfield’s web-slinger might also make an appearance, since the actor’s stunt double was sighted on the set of No Way Home.

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