Spider-Man Mods: Wear the Black symbiote suit, play as Black Cat

Spider-Man Mods: So long! After modifying Spidy in GTA San Andreas, GTA 4, and Skyrim, we can mod Spider-Man Remastered. So we’ll reskin him.

Spider-Man mods include Black Cat and Stan Lee, although neither has animations yet. You’ll be in an A-pose, which is great for screenshot memes. Spider-modding on PC is in its infancy, with a lot of painstaking reshades populating NexusMods (opens in new tab). It offers “increased contrast, deeper blacks, tamer whites, bloom, and film grain for the vintage movie feel.”

What’s in the Spider-Man Mods?

Spider-Man Mods: Less memetically, there’s a No HUD mod(opens in new tab) and costume replacers. The Symbiote Black Suit patch replaces the Advanced Suit with an outfit we may see in Spider-Man 2, while the Miles Morales Suit mod uses “a leftover model from a multiplayer game mode.”

Spider-Man Mods

Most promising is the Modding Tool posted by prominent Rockstar modder jedijosh920, who claims, “It’s the cornerstone of making and installing modifications, having a simple to use mod file structure where users can build, distribute, and install mods.” There’s a Spider-Man modding Discord server you can join. Maybe you’ll build a mod as good as Flying Rats, which converts New York’s pigeons into flying rats.

Next? Someone will discover a method to restore Peter Parker’s original visage from the PlayStation 4 version, add a vertigo-inducing first-person camera, maybe a co-op option, and then, I dunno, transform Spidy into CJ from San Andreas? Playable villains, different Spider-Man, and pizza textures are among the PlayStation version’s modifications. So expect that.

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