GBF Evoker Tier List (May 2024): Best Characters Ranked

GBF Evoker Tier List: Granblue Fantasy is one of the world’s beloved mobile RPGs, boasting an expansive cast and intuitive gameplay mechanics. One notable character class in Granblue Fantasy are Evokers; powerful beings summoned during combat to assist player characters during battles. Here we take a closer look at Granblue Fantasy’s top Evokers by their abilities and overall effectiveness when engaging in combat.

What Are Evokers?

Evokers are powerful beings summoned by player characters for use during battle, aiding their cause by dealing massive damage against enemies, healing allies or providing various buffs or debuffs as part of a plan to win battles. Each Evoker possess unique skills which make them effective against various circumstances.

GBF Evoker Tier List

How Can You Acquire Evokers

Evokers can be obtained by successfully completing each story chapter of “What Makes the Sky Blue”, held once per year and offering limited Evoker acquisition through fulfilling certain objectives in each story chapter. Once acquired, equip it on your main character so they can use it effectively during battle!

List of GBF Evokers Available Today (Tier List).

Without further delay, here are the Top Evokers in Granblue Fantasy:

Hanged Man

Hanged Man is one of the game’s most effective Evokers, capable of dealing tremendous damage to enemies while offering allies various buffs that increase their health and survival. His abilities include an AoE attack that deals significant damage; debuff that lowers enemy defense levels; and heal that restores allies’ health to significant amounts.


Justice is an impressive Evoker who excels both offensively and defensively. Her single-target attack deals massive damage against enemies while her defensive abilities mitigate allies taking damage. Additionally, Justice offers healing abilities which restore some health back into her allies’ bodies.


Moon is an exceptionally versatile Evoker who can deal both physical and magical damage to her enemies. Her powers include powerful physical attacks, magical debuff attacks that inflict debuffs upon enemies, heal powers that restore HP back into allies’ health pool, immunity against debuff effects as well as immunity against them – making Moon an excellent option in difficult battles!


Devil is an Evoker with expertise at inflicting long-term damage upon enemies, using abilities such as AoE attacks which apply burn debuffs as well as single target attacks that deliver massive amounts of damage on individual targets. Additionally, his healing powers restore some HP back into allies who he heals.

Star is an Evoker

Star is an Evoker with supportive abilities who provides various buffs and debuffs to both allies and enemies alike, such as increasing attack for allies while decreasing defensive strength of enemies, healing allies’ HP back up, increasing attack against all enemies by one, increasing attack against one and decreasing defensive capabilities by one – to name but a few! She can increase attack while decreasing enemy defense as well as heal them back by some amount restoring HP with each heal.


What is an Evoker in Granblue Fantasy?

Evokers are powerful entities summoned by player characters in battle to assist with combat. Each has specific abilities that make them effective under various conditions.

How do I acquire Evokers in Granblue Fantasy?

Evokers can be unlocked by completing story chapters of “What Makes the Sky Blue”, an annual limited-time event.

Can I Use More Than One Evoker During Battle?

No, you cannot equip more than one Evoker to your main character at a time.

Who are the Best Evokers in Granblue Fantasy?

Hanged Man, Justice, Moon, Devil and Star are some of the key Evokers in Granblue Fantasy; each offering unique abilities and strengths.

How Do I Equip an Evoker in Granblue Fantasy?

To equip an Evoker, head to the Party screen and select which character should equip it. From there, navigate to “Evokers” in the options list and pick one Evoker from there.


Evokers in Granblue Fantasy are powerful entities who can greatly aid players during battle. Hanged Man, Justice, Moon Devil and Star are among the more notable Evokers; each possessing different special skills and strengths. Acquiring these Evokers requires fulfilling certain objectives during “What Makes the Sky Blue”, so be sure to participate when this event becomes available!

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